Playvox Recognized by TrustRadius as Call Center Workforce Optimization Software Leader

Playvox Recognized by TrustRadius as Call Center Workforce Optimization Software Leader

After another successful year, Playvox is humbled to have been honored by TrustRadius as the recipient of the 2021 Top Rated Award in the Call Center Workforce Optimization category. With a trScore of 9.1/10 and more than 63 verified ratings and reviews, all of us at Playvox are thankful to be recognized by the TrustRadius community as a valuable player in the workforce management ecosystem.

TrustRadius, an online review site for business technology and software, is a valued resource for both buyers and vendors. As a platform for B2B customer voice or insights, TrustRadius empowers buyers to confidently make decisions regarding their technology, including workforce optimization software. TrustRadius boasts 289,000 reviews and ratings, all from verified users.

“Playvox has earned a Top Rated award for Call Center Workforce Optimization Software, based entirely on feedback from their customers,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Playvox reviewers on TrustRadius love the platform’s coaching, reporting, and agent evaluation features.” 

Each month, more than half a million B2B technology buyers read and make informed purchasing decisions based on the verified reviews and ratings from the community. TrustRadius uses a detailed criteria, methodology, and scoring system to determine Top Rated winners.

Playvox’s honor from TrustRadius comes on the heels of other recent awards, including the platform being named a top rated Quality Assurance software for contact centers in the Grid Report.

How Can Playvox’s Workforce Engagement Management Software Help Your Organization?

Let’s begin by answering an important question: what is workforce optimization software vs a workforce engagement management solution?

At a high level these are the same, delivering Quality Management and Workforce Management software as a package. The difference lies in the focus of the solution. Workforce Optimization is focused on improving operational efficiency where workforce engagement management is all about employee engagement.

The emergence of workforce engagement management (WEM) software characterizes the evolution of the established, multibillion-dollar workforce optimization (WFO) software market. The WEM landscape is defined by functionality that includes support for: recruitment and onboarding, evaluation and improvement, time management, assistance and task management, metrics and recognition, and the voice of the employee (VoE) as defined by Gartner.

Playvox delivers a modern Workforce Engagement Management suite centered around a digitally focused customer experience with Quality Management and Workforce Management at the heart of our product portfolio.

“Playvox at the time was by far the easier product to use to get started. Because we have multiple teams, and teams located in multiple places it made it easy to pull it all together in ways our manual excel sheet method was not cutting it. It gave us more insight into the QA monitors and coaching that our leads at other locations were performing.” a Playvox user explained in their TrustRadius review.

With Playvox, organizations can equip agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the capabilities and real-time intelligence needed to improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.

“It’s a great way to keep your employees connected as well as always on the same page,” said a user in their  TrustRadius review.

Playvox’s workforce engagement management software will allow your contact center to standardize and improve its customer service as you scale, with integrated and comprehensive tools such as quality, workforce management, coaching, learning, performance, voice of the customer, and gamification. The features and capabilities are specifically built to empower your team, create a stronger-than-ever QM process, and efficiently handle all interactions. In addition, Playvox is a high performing leader in the contact center quality assurance software category that is intuitive to use, well-supported, and highly recommended.

As an organization optimizes its contact center workforce, operational costs are reduced and agent performance improves. But ultimately, workforce optimization positively impacts an organization as a whole, with an impact far greater than in just the contact center. An engaged contact center results in a stronger customer experience, which has unparalleled potential for the brand.

Choosing the Right Workforce Optimization Software

Contact centers track a wide variety of metrics, from customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score to call handle rates and everything in between. Regardless of what your contact center tracks, workforce engagement management software can deliver many benefits. How can your organization select the ideal WEM solution?

First, we recommend defining your organization’s objectives. Would you like your WEM solution to help minimize operating costs? How about strengthening agent effectiveness? Once your goals are clearly defined, it’s wise to create a thorough list of requirements. What features are must-haves?

After you’ve narrowed down your options and found a few vendors, trusted and verified reviews can really help. Hearing how users like you have benefitted from working with the software day in and day out can clarify the best option for your organization. TrustRadius is a great source, and G2, Capterra, and SoftwareAdvice offer objective perspectives as well.

Tools That Set Playvox Apart

Through Playvox’s learning and coaching tool, contact centers will receive better onboarding tips and training, tailored to their customer service teams. Whether teams need training on soft skills, product knowledge, support, or compliance, Playvox helps create learning courses or learning paths with quizzes and comprehension checks. Playvox coaching drives continuous agent improvement and works to solve quality, behavior and customer service issues in your contact center.

The use of KPI tracking and surveys within contact centers can help them better understand the reason behind the numbers. With Playvox customer service KPI tracking, businesses are able to recognize and correct performance. Through the use of surveys, businesses can also better understand customer sentiment. 

Playvox’s suite of tools empowers contact center management to motivate and reward top-tier talent. With an interactive community wall and digital badges, agents can feel appreciated for their hard work. Our systems provide the complete agent experience, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering ideal experiences daily.

At Playvox, we’re proud to create products that inspire such gracious feedback in our user community. We appreciate our customers who have taken the time to support our work and share feedback on TrustRadius. We’re excited to continue to bring our users success, because nobody deserves a complicated process to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

From workforce management and improving agent engagement to handling contact center staffing amid an agent shortage, our Playvox experts are here to help your team excel!

To find out more about how Playvox can help your business, check out our resource center, packed with blogs, webinars, and ebooks to assist in taking your brand to the next level. Or, request a demo to see Playvox in action.

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