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What are the Top LMS Tools for Customer Service Teams

Every call center or business with its own customer service department should invest in a high-quality Learning Management System (LMS).

Why? Because ongoing education for your employees is crucial to keep delivering the best customer experience. Yes, it’s another expense your budget might seem too small for, but you have to recognize just how vital great service is.

According to an in-depth infographic created by Zendesk (based on data from their own survey), 39 percent of consumers avoid brands for at least two years after a bad experience. Furthermore, more than half of respondents to Zendesk’s questions claimed a positive experience encouraged them to stay loyal to a company.

And it’s easier than ever to influence other buyers by warning them about bad service, thanks to social media and review websites. It works, too — 88 percent of consumers have made a purchasing decision based on the views of fellow buyers.

With an efficient LMS, you can create, distribute and track your customer service team’s learning, but what are the best options on the market?



Lessonly is an LMS designed to help businesses deliver training to employees through various ways and in vastly-different areas of work.

For example, Lessonly allows for webcam recording as a tool for practising presentations, pitches, interactions with employees and other key conversational tasks. Workers can hone their style of addressing an audience and get details right before heading into (for example) a meeting or interview.

Another learning element of Lessonly is email composition. Employees rely on emails to communicate with business clients, colleagues and managers every single day. Teaching them to compose messages in a clear, impactful way minimizes confusion and enhances engagement.

Lessonly offers numerous other features to aid businesses’ educational programs.


SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos provides businesses with a streamlined system for employee training, helping managers focus on “key strategic goals” while driving workers to be better. It’s aimed at users in education and learning environments, whether in schools, corporate training or similar.

This platform makes automating tasks and managing course content simple for classroom or workplace programs.



TalentLMS promises an easy way to increase the “fun” and “satisfaction” of online learning, for businesses in diverse sectors. It can be customized to suit individual business criteria, incorporating yourWhat-are-the-Top-LMS-Tools-for-Customer-Service-Teams_2 unique logo and theming.

This is helpful for reinforcing branding in your office, for tighter consistency. Courses can be built and distributed with ease. Analytics offer updates on training performance and activities.


A Complete Solution for Learning, Quality Assurance and Performance

Playvox is comprehensive QA software featuring its own LMS, making it a complete package for managing your customer service team’s learning.

While the three LMS options explored above have their own benefits (as we’ve discussed), Playvox offers all the features you need to build the strongest workforce you can. By attaching a quality assurance platform to an LMS, we empower you with the tools to create learning content tailored to your goals, monitor activity and analyze agents’ performance.

This is everything you need. Quality assurance is critical for identifying strengths and weaknesses within your workforce, revealing the biggest risks posed to your customers’ satisfaction. You can see how certain agents and teams are performing according to your own metrics, such as Customer Satisfaction Scores and Call Abandonment Rates.

Based on this data, you will determine which improvements are necessary and how to achieve them. Which workers are struggling with their ability to engage customers and why? What can you do to change this with positive results?

And with Playvox, there’s no need to switch to a separate LMS to create and distribute learning courses for employees: it’s just another aspect of our QA software. Less tabs, less logins, less confusion.


Managing and Tracking Learning in Your Business

Our LMS is designed for simple use for your entire workforce, catering to employees at different levels. Agents, team leaders, admins and managers can all take advantage of it to enhance their knowledge in various areas — products, services, customer engagement etc.

What-are-the-Top-LMS-Tools-for-Customer-Service-Teams_1Building a dedicated virtual learning space is a fast process with Playvox’s LMS, and it follows your quality assurance program fluidly. Your QA analysts should monitor agents’ performance across all channels, such as phone calls, live chat, emails and social media. They will gather crucial data related to interactions and customer experience, using scorecards and more.

Reports can be created to convey important information and facilitate good decision making when putting learning courses together. Employees learn at their own pace and managers have to know how each is progressing to stay updated of their courses’ effectiveness. Targeted learning sessions appeal to agents’ individual strengths and weaknesses, for a more engaging training experience.

That reduces the amount of time that could be wasted on irrelevant sessions offering no real value. And that means more time for training designed to achieve real goals. Quality assurance allows you to track whether learning sessions are leading to positive results, so you know whether to keep up with them or make changes for a better outcome.

There’s another way to check your learning courses’ impact too: custom quizzes. Send these to employees to test their knowledge and gauge which areas warrant closer attention.

Having your quality assurance and LMS together centralizes your performance-management and educational tools in one platform. It’s an incredibly convenient, user-friendly solution for every customer service team.



The marketplace offers a wealth of LMS tools for businesses in diverse industries, but not all of them provide the features you need to build the customer service team you can be proud of.

Playvox gives you quality assurance tools and an LMS together, in one platform — and that makes reviewing your team’s performance and equipping them with the knowledge to achieve better results simpler than ever.

You’ll have access to critical data and features for creating custom learning content. And tracking employees’ progress makes it easy to manage training, refine your courses and maximize their efficiency.

What advice do you have for training customer service teams? Let us know below!

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