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What Benefits can Customer Service Agents Expect from a Good LMS

As a customer service agent, you’re responsible for representing a business or organization in every single interaction.

Your performance has a massive impact on the customer’s experience. Research by American Express revealed a ‘pleasant’ representative was crucial to 68 percent of consumers’ satisfaction when dealing with a business, and they’re willing to spend 17 percent more with them than competitors offering less-impressive service.

An effective training program managed with a learning management system (LMS) can help you develop and maintain vital customer service skills. But what are they? And what else should you expect?


What Does a Good LMS Offer?

The best learning management systems are designed to make creating and delivering learning content to employees simple. It’s easy for companies to overlook regular training for their customer service agents when their workloads are immense, but you should always have access to insightful learning content.

A good LMS keeps the training process much more fluid for everyone. Managers and team leaders / supervisors can work together to devise in-depth learning content for you, and distribute it within moments. It’s not about trying to schedule training sessions for an entire team and struggling to gather the entire workforce together in one room at the same time.

It’s actually about identifying which learning resources will benefit you most and helping you improve in a streamlined way. One main benefit of an LMS is tracking progress: your managers can see how well you’re working through learning courses and what scores you achieve, right on their custom dashboard.

They have the freedom to send quizzes to you to test your knowledge and study which areas you struggled with too, for deeper insights. As a result, future learning content can be tailored further to focus on these issues, reducing time wasted covering the same things over and over.

As our LMS is attached to a comprehensive quality assurance platform, your learning content can be designed based on your performance during customer interactions. Any weaknesses flagged by QA analysts as they evaluate your work should be addressed by your training, to cultivate a better standard of service specific to you.


How Will You Benefit from Using an LMS?

We’ve touched on the helpful features a good LMS delivers. Now let’s go deep into the benefits you can expect.


Stronger customer service

This is the most obvious perk, and it matters. 76 percent of consumers expect businesses to recognize their expectations and needs, and claim it’s easier to take their custom to a competing brand than ever. That means no business can afford to be complacent about their CX.

As a customer service agent, you should be able to engage individuals across all channels (live chat, telephone, email etc.) and forge a bond of trust with them. That’s a tall order and rarely easy, but it’s pivotal to retaining a loyal audience.

Your managers can use an LMS to provide training on the key aspects of customer service and monitor your response to it. This will help you grow and leave more consumers satisfied.


Greater visibility

The best learning management systems provide extensive visibility for all users, not just managers. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to explore the different learning content available to you, your progress, your scores and more. The LMS should allow for a virtual learning space unique to yourself and your colleagues.

You’ll have a clearer idea where you stand and which areas of your work demand closer attention, rather than simply depending on management to tell you. This visibility helps you stay aware of your goals and feel a tighter connection with your managers / team leader.


Improved motivation and engagement

Perhaps you’re passionate about customer service. Maybe you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to start helping people enjoy a genuinely great experience when they reach out to you.

On the other hand, you could despise your work and find every single interaction a chore.

Regardless of your perspective, it’s your job to make sure customers receive the assistance they’re looking for. Staying motivated and engaged by your duties may not come easily to you, but a good LMS changes that.

Our LMS features Karma Points. This adds a gamification aspect to your learning and creates a more objective-based structure. You’ll be awarded a certain number of points whenever you complete a learning session successfully, and they can be redeemed in the Karma Store for one of multiple rewards.

This gives you a tangible prize for your hard work and fosters a stronger drive to actually improve your skills over time.


Getting the Most Out of Your LMS

Managers, team leaders / supervisors and admins can all get involved in creating an effective learning strategy. Assigning access and collaborating through a quality LMS should be simple, empowering all users with a range of great learning features. By bringing different viewpoints and ideas ot the table, it’s easier to make sure learning content covers all of the most important areas.

As a customer service agent, your views on the quality of training courses available are especially helpful. If you feel you want to learn more about a certain aspect of your work — such as how to stay professional when disgruntled customers become aggressive or boosting your productivity — raise this with a team leader or manager.

You should throw yourself into all learning content available to you in your LMS too. The more you grow, the more Karma Points you’re likely to receive — and the more valuable you’ll be to the business. This could lead you to a promotion, pay rise and equip you with transferable skills for future roles.



Every business committed to delivering a quality customer experience should invest in an LMS. After all, good service is fundamental to building a successful company and inspiring loyalty in your audience.

Completing learning courses and honing your skills will improve your performance as a customer service agent, in this role and others down the line. You’ll be able to keep more consumers satisfied and represent your employers’ business to the very best of your abilities.

Having access to relevant learning materials can boost your engagement and motivation too, helping you get more out of your job in the long term. And you can earn recognition and real rewards at the same time.

What features do you think would be helpful in an LMS and why, based on your experience in customer service? Let us know!

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