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What do Call Centers really need?

According to Psychologist Maslow’s theory, we are born with a pyramid of basic needs. Without meeting these needs, we will be unable to grow and progress up the pyramid. Like life, work and its relationship with its employees has its own set of basic needs. When leadership doesn’t understand and actively apply the basic needs, employees lose motivation and eventually quit.
Even with a large focus in technology and metrics, Call Center’s have been known as a neglected, unrewarding and innovation-deprived industry. This has unfortunately resulted in high attrition rates, low motivation, and poor performance among others. Somewhere, something was lost, and needs transformation.

We believe Call Center should be about people, not tech
The Call Center industry is Sick
    • Staff turnover

    • Absenteeism

    • Poor performance

    • Unhappines at work

    • No purpose

    • No meritocracy

  • 66% more people than normal chose the stairs over the escalator

  • Fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better

  • The Gamification of workThe Social Enterprise is here.

  • “We think every industry is going to get fundamentarlly rethought and redesigned around people

  • Playvox’ mission is to change the way people work at Call Centers

  • Playvox provides a Talent Management Platform for Call Centers Outsourcers and Enterprises to improve their agents performance and motivation

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