What Really Motivates Your Workforce? It's More than Money

What Really Motivates Your Workforce? It’s More than Money


Being in charge of a call center means you have a great amount of accountability.You must ensure your customers are being treated properly and with respect, while simultaneously ensuring your employees are staying happy and motivated. If employees are dissatisfied with their job, your business could be impacted greatly, especially in the areas of costly retention and poor reviews.

Learning what your call center employees truly want is sometimes difficult. It’s a conundrum of balance between monetary incentive and personal growth opportunity, so what really motivates your workforce? It’s More than Money. This question is one that is commonly debated among leaders of the industry. And while there’s no “catch-all” answer, there are some commonalities call center employees have voiced that drive their desire and capacity to continue providing exceptional customer service. 

Dangling the Monetary Carrot

Monetary rewards are always a hot topic when it comes to employees. Many businesses elect to offer specific rewards, like gift cards or bonuses, to excelling employees. In the short-term, monetary rewards can be very effective.

Attaining success during the short-term can help you launch a successful campaign or even improve your overall ratings among your call center employees. These types of recompenses are definitely something to consider including in your campaign to encourage and advance your call center employees, but it is not nearly enough.

Understanding this is especially important in call centers with poor customer service ratings. For managers, discovering ways to improve morale of the employees and the happiness of the customer is especially imperative. This is the reason the respect aspect is supportive for call-centers.

Give Respect, Get Results

In reality, offering respect to your employees is something that can help your call center progress over the long-run. Employees desire an environment where they feel valued and where they can share their opinion, aka, a sense of purpose. And they this culture to be shown on an even keel amongst supervisors and their peers.

A sense of purpose is something you should couple with your monetary rewards to make certain your employees are able to perform at their utmost level and have the aspiration to remain with the company. Dignifying your employees’ concerns and opinions makes it easier to achieve agreements between managers and the front-line.

Fostering a Culture of Purpose

What steps do you take to show your call center employees respect?

  • Communication is one of the best tools at your disposal. Managers should have an open line of communication with their employees. This can come in the form of simple conversations held throughout the day or through recurring coaching sessions.
  • Social Collaboration at managerial level is usually prevalent, but what about peer-to-peer engagement? Today’s workforce is connected and capable of multitasking at unprecedented levels.  Through collaboration, all employees will feel as though they are a part of the team. In addition to this, managers can gain insight from the employees who are interacting daily with your customers, which can help with the decision-making process for decisions effecting customers.
  • Coaching should be a two-way experience. Your employees will be able to feel comfortable offering feedback to their managers and managers will be able to offer feedback to their employees. And tracking coaching effectiveness can really take the mystery out the experience.
  • Consistency in these approaches is a key factor. All employees should be treated with the same amount of respect, and communication should be frequent. Building this type of environment will help you improve the morale of your employees. Strong employee morale can benefit the company for years to come.

Selecting a Workforce Engagement Platform

Business owners can ensure their managers are able to provide the level of respect their employees are looking for by offering tools to support them. More commonly, call centers are turning to cloud-based software. When choosing a software, consider the following questions in the selection process for a successful workforce engagement program:

  1. What are the KPIs (key performance indicators) that need to be achieved and how will that software help you measure those goals and provide transparency as a whole?
  2. How much time and resources does it take to integrate with existing tools and databases?
  3. How does the software add value to your workforce, not just legacy?
  4. How culturally compatible is the vendor with your values (trust, communication, passion, etc)?

Skimping these questions and being lured by fancy dashboards or flashy game narratives may be fun for the short-term, but will leave you frustrated in the long-run.

The All-Encompassing Approach

Many call centers make the mistake of focusing solely on cash incentives to help drive the motivation of their employees. Others, fail to see incentives as a benefit and focus solely on the respect aspect. However, both areas are valuable within a call center environment. While it is preferable to place attention on the long-term, sometimes a push in the right direction is necessary. In these circumstances, cash incentives can be coupled with your strategy for improving employee morale.

When you are looking for a way to tie everything together, employee engagement software is a great option. With a unique system to engage with your employees, you will easily be able to train, coach, collaborate and offer rewards and communication with them in an efficient manner. To learn more about our workforce engagement software, contact us today.

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