What’s Your Call Center Management Style?

What’s Your Call Center Management Style?

The struggle is real. We understand that being a call center manager is no easy feat. Handling large teams, trying to keep customers happy, and implementing new processes is downright hard. It’s normal every once in a while, you stop to question if you could do anything better.

You aim to be that super boss, that person who turns everything they touch to gold and have your staff love you at the same time. So you do your best to take and leave elements of your previous bosses to create what you think will be the perfect management style for your call center.

However, it might not feel natural, even if you’ve heard you should “fake it til’ you make it” it’s actually best just to be yourself and make the most of your existing skills.


Which call center management style best describes you?

The Buddy

Laid back and chill, you enjoy taking the time to bond with your team and organizing sessions for them to connect as well. You’re all about teamwork and want to be seen as part of the group instead of the mean boss in his closed-door office.

To foster your open-door communication, you work in the same space and enjoy going out to lunch or having a cup of coffee with your team.

You’re focused on creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere to work in, you trust your team 100% and believe they are autonomous and will come to you should they need anything.

Watch out for:
Employees might not take you seriously and could have trouble taking orders and being productive. Eventually, one of your team members might take the reins and lead the group instead of you.


The Man

You are a visionary and authoritative leader. You clearly communicate and share the company’s vision. The team is on board with your goals and ideas. All employees know what their responsibilities are and how to go about achieving them. You trust in your employees’ skills and give them the right amount of space to fulfill their tasks and go above and beyond. As a result, they are fulfilled and feel that they add value to the call center.

Watch out for:
As someone who bestows trust upon their employees, make sure everyone is up to par and that anyone that needs extra support doesn’t get left behind.

The Perfectionist

You are an expert in your field and are sure of the way things should be done. Although you don’t like to admit it, you know at times you can slightly micromanage. However, it’s not your fault that people can’t do things right.

As a result, no project and process get approved without you giving it a thorough review. You have set up a process where employees must check in and report back to you on a regular basis before proceeding.

You tend to go beyond your responsibilities and like to get your hands dirty. The nitty-gritty doesn’t scare you as you think that “the devil is in the detail”.

Watch out for:
Your leadership style proves your commitment to the call center. However, your overinvolvement might not make employees feel the same way. Instead, they might feel frustrated that they bring no real value and might even wonder why you hired them in the first place if you prefer to do the job yourself anyways.

In addition, going beyond your manager responsibilities can cause you to burn out or constantly feel exhausted.

The Overachiever

You are a go-getter and you expect nothing less of your staff. You work at a fast pace and set challenging goals for everyone under your wing. Your employees are so busy being productive, coffee breaks are seen as an activity for the weak.

You’re not afraid to work overtime and weekends. As a matter fact, you expect your everyone else to do so as well because everyone’s main priority should be reaching the set target goals.

Although your personal life is important, your real escape is the office. You’re a work masochist, but you love it.

Watch out for:
Even if you’re pulling in great results and your team is proud of their work, make sure that everyone is in accordance with the heavy workload. Some employees’ might have different priorities from yours.

In order to avoid burnout and maintain the quality of your output, make sure to respect your teams needs.


So, which call center management style best describes you?

No leadership style reins over the other. Learning to leverage all four at the right time would make an ideal manager. But being realistic, the best way to manage your team is to use your own style and most importantly, be attentive to your employees’ needs. Whether they are looking for a worklife balance, need more coaching, direction, or freedom, find out what makes them tick.

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