Whatsapp: The Future of Customer Service

Whatsapp: The Future of Customer Service

Today’s digital age is revolutionizing customer service. Thanks to easy access to information, customers have become more savvy and demanding. Although most B2C communication still happens by email and over the phone, more personal channels are starting to gain traction. As Millennials and Gen X occupy a growing percentage of consumers, it’s important to cater to their habits and needs to stay on top of the game.

Millennials are more prone to talk on live chat then phone. It’s more instant and they can continue multi-tasking while getting support at the same time.

**If you aren’t using live chat yet, see how to get on board**

But chat support comes with its challenges as well. Companies have to have a team constantly connected. That’s where Whatsapp comes in.

At the beginning of this year, Whatsapp communicated to the public that they would “test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from.”

This is a possibly huge shift affecting the future of customer service, making the entire process even much more customer-centric. Below we’ll discuss the benefits and changes Whatsapp can potentially have on the industry.


More personal service

As of now, we’ve used Whatsapp to communicate with our friends and family. It has been an easy way to get in touch while we are on the go. Since we relate Whatsapp to communicating with our close ones, businesseses can take advantage by making client conversations more personal and intimate.



Multidimensional conversation

Most live chat services do not allow screen shots or attachments today. Not very helpful as a customer when you are trying to explain a problem. Whatsapp let’s you show the problem- voice notes, pictures, and video in addiiton to text. It makes it easier to explain what we are saying and describe something complex which could have otherwise been more difficult through email, phone, or even live chat.



Deeper insights and feedback

The more conversational style of Whatsapp allows brands to get more feedback about their products and their service. Customers can express themselves beyond a five-star rating and send product pictures, voice testimonials and funny emoticons to express their feelings about the product and service, allowing for brands to gain deeper knowledge of their customers.


Casual conversation

This permanent connection with the customer makes it simple check in every now and then see how they’re doing or if they need anything, almost like a friend. It’s easy to take advantage of how users are engaging on the platform and do the same with customers.

In addition, it’s a fantastic way to create repeated sales and to stay top of mind.

stay top of mind


The best of both worlds

Whatsapp is like a hybrid between email and live chat. Two parties can enter a conversation or one can leave a message and the other can get back to that person later, or not. Chat is more convenient than email and doesn’t require such formal and extended responses.

With 91% of our online time spent on messaging apps, it’s about time customer service jumps on board to cater to their customers. By opening up Whatsapp, a dominant communication App to businesses, it can revolutionize the future of customer service and change the way brands and customers engage.


How are you innovating and working to provide excellent customer service? Let us know in the comment box down below!

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