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When should a call center supervisor be promoted?

So, a leadership role has just opened up and you’re checking out your list of current supervisors. What should you be looking for when deciding if you’re ready to promote your supervisor?

These types of decisions should start long before you start promoting. First decide if you want to hire externally or in-house. There are many bonuses that can come with hiring internally. The supervisors already have a history with the business and are familiar with how things are normally run. They might have worked in several departments and had different responsibilities, some of them agents themselves. They can offer some great pointers and information that will help give you greater perspective of the company.

Are they ready for a career change?

The supervisor should show general interest in pursuing a management position. Have informal discussions with your supervisor to see if they’re ready to progress up in their call center career. Get feedback from your supervisors to understand what skills they would like to improve if they were to move up into a higher position.

Look for those that can easily shift into a more disciplinarian role over those who might have been friends on the call center floor. They should be good at managing time and difficult employee situations and conversations. An effective supervisor is an effective leader and be actively interested in people, be able to communicate well and multitask like a champ. They have the ability to inspire, motivate and coach their team. They take responsibility and instead of making excuses, they make changes. They keep the main company mission as the main goal of their actions.

Previous experience?

Just because a supervisor doesn’t have previous experience in management doesn’t mean that they can’t learn. There’s a certain type of learning curve that comes with every type of position. If the person has a desire to learn, has a vision and the ability to focus on the position they want, they can accomplish anything.

Continually provide opportunities for the supervisor to grow with performance feedback, development opportunities and training. Give them opportunities to practice the required skills and strengths in a leadership role. Management can then more easily pick out supervisors that would be ideal for the position.

As long as the company has good training and development programs in place, the transition from supervisor to management should go smoothly. Just don’t wait until it’s too late! Promote someone with the ”right stuff” when the opportunity arises before they could be snatched up by competitors that see their potential.

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