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Why call center coaching is a good thing

We all know that a customer’s experience with a call center can dramatically change their opinion about a particular brand. Much of their experience lies in the hands of call center agents who must interact with them and turn the call into a positive experience.
For agents, it’s not any easy job.

For agents, it’s not any easy job.

Making sure each is well-trained, knowledgeable and can smoothly manage customer problems is complicated. No two agents are alike. Some automatically have a different set of skills or can handle a situation better than another. However, a great way to help manage these learning gaps is with a strong coaching program.

As an agent, being unable to respond to customer issues is demotivating and frustrating. Even more, customers don’t appreciate being shuffled around a call center that doesn’t have the knowledge or skills to handle common problems. Coaching helps your agents understand the product inside and out, since, the better they know a product, the better they can solve problems the first time around.

Especially for agents who are already frustrated or demotivated, coaching can help shift their thought process and put those feelings into words that might be left unsaid. This type of support is critical since it creates a friendly space to listen, ask questions, show compassion, acceptance and bring out the persons best qualities and can help change a person’s behavior.

why call center coaching is a good thing

Call center agents are constantly pressured to achieve personal and company goals. This can be a frustrating challenge. A great coach can help make an agent overcome this by providing one-on-one feedback. They can listen to agent calls and messages, then help the agent develop and become aware of different ways to approach situations and overcome fears and other barriers to help them reach goals and commitments.

Coaches reinforce positive behavior

Coaches reinforce positive behavior as agents become more familiar with how they should act with a phone call. This empowerment in itself is a powerful type of reward and helps agents take pride in their specific roles. As they grow and learn, they become more accountable and focused on aligning their actions and outcomes to get positive results.

It’s a huge responsibility to maintain your image, as negative experiences are spread more often than positive ones. If you haven’t already, implement a coaching program and give your agents the great opportunity to have this type of support.

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