Why Do You Need Both Coaching and LMS Solutions in Your Business

Why Do You Need Both Coaching and LMS Solutions in Your Business


What training do you offer employees?

Chances are, not enough. A recent survey revealed more than 80 percent of workers consider ‘lifelong learning’ important yet almost 60 percent claim their employers provide inadequate training opportunities.

This is a big problem when you consider 66 percent of American workers (between the ages of 18 – 34) questioned actually want to enhance their skills and increase their value.

By offering sporadic or lazy, generic training, you’re doing your employees a major disservice. Even those who aren’t actively interested in advancing will become better over time with regular learning opportunities.

Both a Coaching tool and Learning Management System (LMS) empower businesses just like yours to build a better workforce by delivering the education so many employees crave but don’t receive.

And yet, you don’t need to choose one tool over the other. Combining both is an ingenious move offering myriad benefits.

Such as? Let’s take a look …


The Benefits of Coaching

Our Coaching tool is part of our QA software, offering team leaders, managers and admins a streamlined way to manage each employee’s coaching.

The benefits of using our Coaching tool to create bespoke sessions include:


Why Do You Need Both Coaching and LMS Solutions in Your Business

Encouraging staff

Encouraging staff to perform at their best and overcome challenges is a core element of an effective coaching strategy. But many training platforms lack a way to actually do this, focusing purely on improving skills rather than getting to the personal reasons behind workers’ flaws or difficulties.

Creating coaching sessions is ideal for engaging with employees and discussing problems they face and what’s holding them back. Staff will feel more valued and respected when their superiors take an interest in them as a person, not just a worker.


Dealing with individual issues

Another key strength of a Coaching tool is dealing with problems employees experience privately, rather than in a group session.

Team leaders may offer advice and coaching in areas affecting the agent’s customer service — such as low self-confidence or organizational difficulties — dedicating the session entirely to one person.

This can increase engagement and the effectiveness of one-to-one coaching.

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Setting goals

Our Coaching tool makes setting goals for each worker quick and easy. But why is this important?

Because goals help add structure and drive to the coaching process. It’s not just offering vague advice like ‘do better’ or ‘try and help more customers’ — it’s about identifying flaws, determining objectives and equipping employees with everything they need to succeed.


Follow-up on progress between coaching sessions

Team leaders, managers and admins (basically, anyone with authorized access) can track each employee’s progress after coaching. How are they performing? Are the results on their scorecards improving, remaining the same or even getting worse?

Follow-ups create an opportunity to review the previous coaching sessions and discuss how the agent feels they’re developing. You may be able to pinpoint new obstacles that arise and devise ways they can be overcome. Our Coaching tool makes all this possible.

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Benefits of LMS

 A Learning Management System is a fantastic tool in its own right, but as it’s part of Playvox you can take advantage of an LMS alongside your QA and Coaching software too.

Here are the must-know benefits of an LMS: 

Create a library of learning content

Your LMS will become home to a wealth of high-quality learning content — if you’re using it right.

Simply adding one or two basic resources to the learning library is a waste of the tool’s potential: you have the freedom to offer education for employees in all roles, at all levels. They can access content (such as documents, videos, audio recordings etc.) whenever they have permission and undertake their learning at their own pace.

Custom content will be much more effective as it’s created with your team in mind, rather than generic training material pulled from the internet. You can really target common issues affecting your workforce to maximize the LMS’s impact.


Keep adding to content based on demand

The beauty of having access to your own LMS — and one that’s so packed with features — is the flexibility to add new learning content as needed.

Any performance problems raised during your QA analysts’ evaluations should be addressed in a relevant learning session. The specifics are down to you, but you’ll be able to react to problems and improve employees’ work quickly.


Assign learning sessions to follow coaching

Issues discovered in coaching sessions may inform new learning content too — the two tools complement each other brilliantly.

Team leaders will have their own ideas of how to address individual weaknesses (poor organization, struggling to engage customers, lack of product knowledge) through coaching and learning.

And your LMS makes assigning learning content through targeted training simple, ensuring employees only receive the most relevant support and insights. This minimizes wasted time and resources.

Workers will be able to focus on dealing with issues they really face on a regular basis, rather than being told how to improve in areas where there’s no need to.


Take advantage of rewards and recognition

Our LMS tool features a rewards and recognition system, based around Karma Points and our Karma Store. You’ll boost employee engagement by acknowledging their achievements in full visibility of their colleagues.

Team leaders or admins can award workers with recognition badges and / or points whenever they hit a coaching / learning goal. Even if this is just a minor accomplishment, recognizing their achievement helps employees feel valued and respected.

They can exchange points earned in the Karma Store for real-world rewards, such as gift cards, gig tickets, sports gear or anything else you feel is appropriate. As a result, workers will start to feel more motivated to hit targets and improve when they know there’s a chance to claim something they genuinely want.




Your Coaching tool and LMS have the potential to boost your customer-service agents’ self-confidence, their productivity and their ability to take the initiative (making them more independent).

Implement coaching and learning sessions into your everyday operations to make it a familiar habit: the more comfortable employees feel when developing their skills, the more effective the process is likely to be.

And as your workforce improves and achieves better results, your customers will enjoy a higher standard of service — and have good reason to stay loyal. What more could you ask for?


So, what do you think of combining a Coaching tool with a cutting-edge LMS? What benefits have you seen from using one or the other (or both)? Let us know!

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