Why is a Quality Assurance Program Good for Customer Service Agents

Why is a Quality Assurance Program Good for Customer Service Agents

You work in a call center or customer service department. You spend dozens of hours each week interacting with the general public, dealing with people who may be irritated, rude or flat-out abusive.


And then, to make it worse, your manager announces the introduction of a quality assurance program. They tell you your interactions will be monitored by professional QA analysts. They tell you feedback is set to become a regular part of the work routine, you’ll undergo more training and you’re expected to cooperate fully.

It’s a big change, but don’t panic: there’s no need to stress or worry that your job’s on the line.

Quality assurance isn’t about picking out the worst employees and punishing or even firing them. It’s about helping every single agent improve their skills, grow into a more valuable asset and ultimately deliver a higher standard of customer service.

Playvox is comprehensive QA software designed to help any call center or customer service department get better at what it does. And as an agent, you only stand to gain.

Let’s explore why the best service agents embrace QA programs.


Open Communication and Transparency


The prospect of quality assurance may inspire dread because you imagine QA analysts, team leaders and managers locked away in a room criticizing your work. Agents being evaluated might expect to be cut out of the process entirely and have no idea how you’ve performed until you’re pulled into a meeting.

That’s not how it works at all.

Playvox gives every agent access to information about themselves and their work. You’ll see data based on your interactions through your own dashboard and know how to take action to improve your performance. QA analysts want to help you get better and boost customer satisfaction at the same time: they’ll review your interactions, identify where you need to make positive changes and help you do just that. You can track your own progress and understand where you’re going wrong.


Real-time Feedback from QA Analysts, Team Leaders and Managers


Feedback is critical in the workplace, across all industries. A survey shows four in 10 employees are disengaged due to minimal feedback — or a total lack of it. Meanwhile, a massive 82 percent of workers appreciate feedback, both good and bad.

QA analysts, team leaders and / or managers should all be involved in delivering feedback when service agents embrace QA. And it should be honest and constructive: simply berating agents being evaluated won’t exactly motivate them to work at their best, will it?

Feedback can be delivered in real-time directly to your computer. This provides you with valuable insights, advice and guidance to help you give customers a better experience. And the happier they feel, the easier they are to deal with.


Collaborate with Colleagues and Inspire Each Other


A Salesforce infographic reveals 86 percent of workers blame a lack of collaborative work or ineffective communications for failures within the workplace.

Playvox makes it fast and easy for service agents to communicate with colleagues, QA analysts, team leaders and management through our built-in messaging system. This is ideal for sharing thoughts on feedback, suggesting ideas to improve, helping each other resolve issues and building stronger bonds.

When service agents embrace QA, they find it easy to stay connected to the rest of the team right while interacting with customers. If agents being evaluated are having a tough day or feel their scores are a little harsh, you can motivate and inspire them in a show of peer-to-peer solidarity.

It prevents you feeling as if you’re isolated or clueless about what’s happening around you.


Gain Greater Recognition and Praise for Your Work


When asked what steps their leaders could take to boost engagement, 52 percent of workers suggested ‘give recognition’.

Recognition is critical to engage, motivate and inspire employees. Nobody wants to sit at their desk all day helping customers resolve issues without any appreciation besides a salary. It’s easy to feel resentful of your managers if they fail to send even a quick ‘thank you’ your way.

And resentfulness can sap your drive and passion until you lose all interest in doing a good job.

Our QA software makes it quick and easy for analysts, team leaders and managers to increase employee recognition. They can praise agents being evaluated via a brief message and award recognition badges, making your progress visible for everyone else. This applies to individual and collaborative work alike.

Karma points can be earned through hitting targets or meeting certain conditions, and are awarded automatically or manually. However they’re distributed, though, Karma points add an element of gamification to the quality assurance program. You’ll really feel as if you have tangible goals to work towards and can track your progress more easily.

This inspires healthy competition among yourself and your colleagues too. You might see a friend is just a few points ahead of you and find the drive to work even harder, earning more points and a recognition badge.

Our Karma Store is an online catalog that lets you redeem your Karma points for rewards. They may be gift cards, tickets to sports events, luxurious chocolates, a day at a spa or anything else sure to inspire you to work at your best.


Targeted Training and Coaching Helps You Improve


Last but not least, let’s talk training and coaching.

Both are fundamental to a successful quality assurance program. Yourself and your fellow agents can’t be expected to improve on your own without any guidance. And that’s where training and coaching comes in.

But with Playvox, it’s not about pulling everyone from your desks and forcing you to sit through two hours of generic training in a dreary conference room. Instead, QA analysts, team leaders and managers are free to deliver targeted training based on your personal strengths and weaknesses.

They’ll monitor your interactions and analyze performance data to identify where you need help. They can send the relevant training to you to undertake at your desk, at your own pace. This is more engaging and relevant than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Coaching is similar but different. Analysts and a team leader or manager will focus on inspiring you to deliver better customer service by touching on your previous work. They may invite you to listen to recordings of your interactions and suggest ways you might handle the customer more effectively in the future.

Again, this is all based on being constructive and helpful rather than just criticising you so much you lose all motivation. It’s about showing you how to grow and develop into a more valuable employee, giving you the skills to be better in this position and others you may take in the future.




As you can see, there’s no need to panic when a quality assurance program is introduced to your call center or customer service department. The best service agents embrace QA with a positive spirit and welcome the chance to enjoy the benefits explored above.

It’s important for any business to determine where it’s falling short of its goals and take steps to address that. That’s what a QA program is: tackling what doesn’t work and making positive changes that benefit everyone.

You’ll gain more recognition, receive honest feedback on where you need to improve and potentially earn extra rewards for your hard work. Customers will enjoy a higher standard of service, feel more satisfied after interactions and have good reason to stay loyal.

Our QA software is designed to make quality assurance as straightforward, accessible and inclusive as possible, in every workplace. No matter how long you’ve worked as a customer service agent, you’ll benefit from a solid quality assurance program with Playvox.

What results have you seen from taking part in a QA process in your workplace? Let us know!

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