Why QA Assurance Is A Must For Your Small To Medium Company

Why QA Assurance Is A Must For Your Small To Medium Company

Quality assurance seems like a process only big companies should have. Who needs the extra work, right? You’re probably too busy growing and scaling exponentially anyways.

And that’s exactly why you should consider putting in place a quality assurance program early on in your company.

If you are on the fence about establishing a quality assurance program, below we’ll discuss why you should highly consider it, especially if you are a small to medium company.


1. Establish clear processes

Quality assurance isn’t for one specific department in your company. You can apply it across the board. Having to put in place a quality assurance program for a small company will oblige you to establish clear process is right from the beginning.

This will help you save time as you begin to forge your path to success, instead of doing things differently every single time and not remembering what you did well and what you shouldn’t repeat.

Establishing processes also makes your company easier to scale. As new people get on board, it will be easier for them to get into their roll keep up the quick pace. Not to mention, clear processes facilitate growth. It doesn’t mean things are only one way and things can’t be modified. On the contrary, processes break down the best way to do something and makes it easier for you to change it if necessary.

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2. Define your company culture and values

Having a quality assurance program for a small to medium company will also help you better analyze operations throughout the entire organization. Depending where you want to set up a quality assurance program, you will gain greater insight as to how that department works in order to establish quality, qualitative and objective metrics. 

For example, if you are implementing a quality assurance program for your customer service, you will be forced to look at how your team approaches customers, how they speak, how they solve queries, and so much more.

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The whole process will essentially help you define your company culture and values as they will be reflected in every aspect of your quality assurance program.

3. Stay lean

For a small to medium company, having a quality assurance program can actually help you save on costs. Having to analyze processes will give you a better insights as to which areas can be improved.

You’ll realize where there is room to optimize your team’s performance. Instead of trying to scale fast by hiring like crazy, you’ll be able to train your existing team and expand their skill sets to get the most out of what you already have.

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4. Provide consistent deliverables

Not to state the obvious but small to medium companies can also benefit from having consistent quality across the board. Don’t just set up a quality assurance program for your customer service. Put it in place for any process where are you can track goals and performance.

Now, it will be easier than ever to re-create that amazing interaction or final product, as you can break it down and see what made it so extraordinary.

If you are looking for a quality assurance software for your small to medium company, be sure to check out Playvox, the quality assurance software that helps you monitor, train and reward your team, all from the same platform so you can deliver the perfect interaction every time.

What challenges have you faced when starting out with your QA program? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

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