Zendesk Aims to Grab Hold and Be the Leaders in Customer Experience


During a recent trip to Manizales, Colombia Marcelino de Miguel Barreto engages in conversation with nearly anyone he comes in contact with.

After a few moments, there’s a realization de Miguel Barreto is more than just a partner in business, but more like a family member, or friend. He laughs in conversation, he’s engrossed in telling and listening to stories, anecdotes, tales of any kind.

In essence, de Miguel Barreto exudes just what Zendesk is always looking for – a company that focuses on great customer experience.

“We’re going to continue practicing customer experience,” said de Miguel Barreto, who is Senior Customer Success Executive for Latin America at Zendesk. “We are still working to have a continuous innovation of products.

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Playvox, which specializes in the Agent Optimization Suite, partners with Zendesk.

Zendesk strives to create better experiences for agents, administrators, and customers. And what grew from its start of just a handful of employees in 2007 is now more than 3,600 today. And through it, as de Miguel Barreto says, is a brief mantra.

“We need to be simple and powerful,” he said.

Customer experience over the years has evolved into what may seem complicated with more than just phone support but add in email, chat, social media, video for omnichannel customer service. 

But, as de Miguel Barreto breaks it down for say, Latin America, it starts with behaving in a more human way in an omnichannel world.

“One of the trends in Latin America is we want to personalize the service,” he said. “To make service more personal, companies need to have all the information and historic data available. If you have all that you can provide a better experience for the customer.” 

Gathering the data comes in many forms and as he says it’s important for businesses to adapt and get the communication tools the customers use and not what the businesses use. De Miguel Barreto added it’s complex for companies to adapt to the tools directly from the customers and pull them together in one platform.

“Zendesk helps with solutions for companies,” he said. “One example is say a customer gets in contact with you because he saw some ad on Facebook and send you a message through Facebook messenger and after that they go through your landing page and get in contact with you and then send you an SMS (text).

“So it’s really important for the business to have all the contact historic data and that historic data is going to give you the opportunity to know better your customer and to provide a better service,” he added.

And measuring that customer service is just what Playvox strives for. The complete agent optimization suite allows agents to be better at quality, production, getting coached, learning  and in turn, they are motivated.

“In my opinion, Playvox is an important player we have at Zendesk,” de Miguel Barreto said “It’s not just one solution but different solutions for the customers and the customer experience.”

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A recent story on the Mexican website Marketing4Ecommerce suggested that customers would prefer a better experience over that of efficiency. 

“This is something that is not in just Latin America, it’s happening in the entire world,” he said. “In Latin America with what is happening with my customers, is we like phone calls, and the good part with Latins is we like to talk. And the phone is still a way.”

There is a growing trend in Latin America is toward other ways of communication, and the way customers communicate differs across the globe. 

For example, de Miguel Barreto said customers in the U.S. prefer SMS and have for some time, in Latin America they use WhatsApp, Asia uses a completely different type of app.

“It’s different channels, but it’s the same channel of communication and Zendesk handles all of them,” he said. “We need to continue to be the leaders in customer experience, we invest a lot of money in innovation and that’s important.”

What also is important is the fact when it comes to customer experience, Zendesk eyes being engaged with the customer and that has been a proven success.

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