Workforce Management Is a Team Sport Workforce management

Workforce Management Is a Team Sport

Workforce management has a lot in common with team sports. They both carry a sense of purpose, a goal the team can orient its actions around. They both come with coaches, leaders who motivate the team to do their best work. And they both benefit from smart huddles, where planning, communication, and expectations converge. As with team sports, workforce management thrives when team members are engaged and encouraged to perform. 

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If there’s any one global software business that understands the value of collaboration, problem solving, and workforce engagement, it’s Zendesk. A top-ranked customer support platform with 4,000 employees serving customers in 160 countries, Zendesk knows a thing or two about customer relationships. In fact, the best customer experiences are built with Zendesk. But how does the Zendesk team build the best experiences for their own global customer advocacy group? That’s where Playvox comes in. 

Zendesk’s team uses Playvox to enable unparalleled employee engagement, having selected Playvox as their workforce management software from among 12 vendors. As a result, Zendesk can prioritize interactions for evaluation by filters native to Zendesk, use AI to power accurate forecasting and scheduling, and enable real-time visibility into concurrency on digital channels.

Workforce Management Is a Team Sport Workforce management

Underlying these many benefits are feature-rich workforce management tools. Focusing on forecasting and scheduling, the Zendesk team accurately predicts the volume of incoming customer contacts and makes changes on the fly throughout the day. Playvox gives Zendesk’s workforce management leadership fast, accurate forecasts that make optimizing their staffing simple. Within 30 days of implementing Playvox, the Zendesk team coordinated staffing on a 24-hour basis for their entire staff worldwide.

Zendesk leadership says it best. “Everything we did was manual. It would take a week to create a forecast that we could not adjust,” according to Erin Filsinger, Director of Workforce Management. “We were able to initiate a global shift alignment within 30 days to know exactly where we needed to put all of our people on what shifts 24/7 because we could see trouble spots that we were blind to before.”

Most importantly, the workforce management team at Zendesk can see spikes in customer contacts on an hourly basis and adjust accordingly. As a direct result of implementing Playvox, they deliver the best possible customer experience every day.

You can see for yourself how Playvox and Zendesk team up to deliver workforce engagement management and transform your team into top performers.

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