How Step Up For Students went beyond KPI tracking with Playvox

Step Up For Students (SUFS) is a nonprofit scholarship funding organization that helps manage the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. During any given school year, SUFS will serve about 115,000 scholars in more than 1,800 private schools throughout Florida. SUFS needed a Quality platform that allowed them to manage their agents to the highest standards and allowed them to centralize data for agents and customer interactions.

How Step Up For Students Went Beyond KPI Tracking with Playvox


  • Slow and inefficient agent training.
  • Juggling multi-channel customer interactions.
  • Lack of visibility to Quality metrics.


  • Playvox’s Quality Management platform.


  • Equitable training and feedback to agents.
  • Tracking of individuals and team performance.
  • Centralized Quality and performance data.


SUFS was running interactions through different channels (email, phone and chat) while needing their agents to respond to different needs and processes such as student enrollment, scholarship applications, fees, application processing, and reimbursements. As the organization was constantly growing, they also needed tools to coach and train new and existing agents.

Considering that they more than doubled the number of scholars served from the ‘15-’16 to the’ 17-’18 school year, they needed to be able to oversee and instruct their agents quickly and efficiently.


By using Playvox Quality, SUFS found a Quality Management platform that served all their needs and requirements.


With Playvox Quality, SUFS was able to:

  • Automatically import customer interactions from their CRM (Zendesk).
  • Have quality and performance data centralized in our platform to track agents’ KPIs.
  • Measure and analyze the impact and efficiency of their customer service team.
  • Work on targeted areas for improvement for individuals and teams.

SUFS has conducted around 11,000 evaluations in 18 months, on average 12 evaluations per month, per agent. With Playvox, they’ve reached a 61.4% increase in the number of evaluations per month.

More importantly, they’ve achieved an overall QA score of 94.3% in recent months against a goal of 90%.

“Great platform to keep up on performance and to communicate with the whole department!”

– Seth Bass, Agent

How Step Up For Students Went Beyond KPI Tracking with Playvox

“I love Playvox because of the ability to track my goals either daily, weekly or monthly. Also [as agents] we are able to select custom dates to track our QA several months at the time and follow the team progress”

– Jose Maldonado, Agent

How Step Up For Students Went Beyond KPI Tracking with Playvox

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