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Quality Assurance Made Easy

As the most reliable web and mobile app testing platform on the market, BrowserStack’s mission is to make developers' lives easier. BrowserStack allows users to quickly test their websites and mobile applications across thousands of devices and desktop browsers.

BrowserStack has supported thousands of groundbreaking projects from some of the top companies in the world including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Mastercard, Barclay’s, Macy’s, and Cisco.


Supporting more than 2 million developers across 135 countries, BrowserStack powers over 60 million tests per month. Since their goal is not only to offer such a high volume of service, but to do so in the best way possible, they maintain high standards for customer service performance and quality.

BrowserStack needed a tool that would allow them to control their Quality Assurance in an effective and scalable way.

BrowserStack’s requirements included: high-quality responses from Customer Service teams

Customer Internet
  • a method to measure agents’ knowledge and efficiency
  • plenty of reliable, supportive documentation
  • overview of agents’ communication and soft skills when handling clients
  • fluid intra-team communications.

Based on the fact that BrowserStack team members use Zendesk as their customer service software, it was imperative for them to be able to find a product that allows such integration.


In their effort to reach high-quality standards among their customer service teams, BrowserStack discovered the Playvox Quality Assurance Platform.

All three of their customer service teams gained immediate results, going from 19 quality evaluations per month to a considerable average of 82. Such progress allowed them to achieve an Overall QA Score monthly average of 94.4%.

While handling over 1,650 evaluations with PlayVox, BrowserStack ensures its clients receive the best possible service while also improving its teams’ performance and impact on customers.

BrowserStack’s service teams now:

  • consistently reduce non-compliance stats
  • avoid unnecessary customer experience mistakes
  • feel empowered and motivated
  • gain real-time feedback on their performance
  • obtain valuable metrics and data to make trustworthy, educated decisions

Playvox immediately responded to BrowserStack’s urgent need to integrate Zendesk, making all of this happen efficiently while also maintaining high standards for quality.

All client emails, as well as agents’ responses, are reviewed periodically and seamlessly through Playvox’s integration with Zendesk.  

“ Playvox has been a game changer for us ever since we onboarded it as a QA tool for Support interactions almost 2 years back. At BrowserStack, “Quality” forms the basis of everything we do. Whether it is our products, the support or the overall customer experience, we always look to better it. PlayVox has helped us do exactly that. Our 98% CSAT is a testimony.

The tool integrates with our ticketing system with ease. No customization, no outsourcing of integration efforts, no unnecessary costs. It just works!


We not only use it to assess the quality of transactions on a daily basis, it has also allowed us to seamlessly integrate the feedback into our agent/engineer training modules. We are able to precisely track the progress made by each member on specific areas and close the loop with customized feedback. The best part was that we never had to hire a dedicated team to do the quality assurance. The tool is so easy to onboard that the Leads and Managers are able to work on this on their own. We have not made use of all of it’s features yet and look forward to unleashing a lot more awesomeness once we do.”
Prasun Choudhury - Director Global Customer Support & InfoSec Support
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