How August Home achieved an NPS of 100

August Home has designed a thoughtful system of home automation products and services. August was considering tools that could offer more than just QA. They were looking for an all-in-one solution for QA, Learning, and Coaching for the customer team.

How August Home Achieved an NPS of 100


  • Training and coaching agents en masse.
  • Recognizing and motivating agents.
  • Prioritizing Quality issues.


  • Playvox offered a more complete QA platform with integrated Coaching and Learning all in one place!


  • Average evaluations increased by 350%.
  • Achieved an 86.2% overall QA score.
  • Achieved an NPS of 100.


August was using a QA software that solved simple processes, but didn’t offer a wide range of services and represented a significant expense. August was in need of an affordable tool that could offer more than just QA. They were looking for integrated processes, such as:

  • The ability to coach agents en masse from the reports to save time.
  • Built-in collaboration features within Scorecards.
  • A recognition system to motivate agents and reinforce good behaviors.
  • The ability for team leaders to identify highest priority quality issues.
  • A platform to train and continually develop skills among their service team.


Playvox not only offered a more complete QA tool, but also integrated the additional processes that would enrich August’s Service Teams deployment and development. We provided August with our Quality Management, Learning, and Coaching products.


Shortly after beginning to use Playvox, the results were clear. August saw the following success:

  • Increase in their monthly average evaluations by 350%.
  • 86.2% monthly overall QA score.
  • An average of 15 agent evaluations per month.
  • Facilitated the completion of 72 coaching sessions with 100% satisfaction.
  • Nearly 800 hours were spent in training, with 20 customized learning courses, reaching an average session grade of 88.69%..

Since it’s not only about results but also about satisfaction, August’s Administrators and Team Leaders have achieved an NPS of 100.

How August Home Achieved an NPS of 100

“It is simply awesome. I like Playvox, it is easy to use and helpful, i.e. when we need to learn something new, the learning courses are great! I would definitely recommend Playvox. Nice job guys! Keep it up!”

– Mario Ordonez, Agent

“It’s very helpful in pointing out where one needs to work on their service skills.”

– Roque Anchondo, Agent

How August Home Achieved an NPS of 100

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