How SeatGeek reduced forecasting and scheduling complexity by 10X

SeatGeek is the world’s largest mobile-focused event ticket platform that’s transforming the way fans buy and sell tickets to their favorite sporting events, concerts, and live performances.


  • YoY call volume grew by 50% and they needed a tool that kept pace with their growth.
  • Inefficient and unreliable tools for scheduling and forecasting.
  • Difficulty tracking agent productivity and complex staffing and channel-specific SLAs.


  • Playvox WFM solution accurately and automatically forecasts volumes and required coverage.
  • 100% cloud-based and flexible that met out-of-the-box requirements.
  • A centralized tool that reports efficiently across multiple service platforms.


  • Direct access to productivity metrics and seeing service gaps before they happen.
  • Data from all contact channels in one place.
  • Saved time forecasting and staffing/scheduling.


As SeatGeek grew its market share, long-range and intra-day forecasting and staff scheduling challenges needed to be addressed before they impacted growth. There was a lack of visibility in service gaps. There was a need for a tool that would meet channel-specific SLAs.


Playvox Workforce Management did the heavy lifting with its accurate and automatic forecast. Simplified the complex tasks of forecasting and scheduling for contact center needs. Automation workflows save time and resources that could be deployed elsewhere.


Playvox Workforce Management keeps SeatGeek staffed for rapid growth. Reduced the number of hours spent on creating reliable forecasting and staffing/scheduling models. Increased agent engagement, productivity, and performance. Lower costs scheduling the right resources

“Working with Playvox Workforce Management has been a dream! They’ve been an incredible partner — super quick to help and very willing to build out functionality that makes the lives of our team easier.”

– Kayla Roden, Manager of CX Operations

“We ultimately chose Playvox Workforce Management because it was by far the most robust and customizable tool out of all of the options we reviewed. It was a pretty easy decision for us.”

Kayla Roden, Manager of CX Operations

How SeatGeek reduced forecasting and scheduling complexity by 10X

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