Playvox Helped Sweaty Betty Save 46 Hours of Team Leader Time Every Month and Reduced Training Times by 50%.

Sweaty Betty is a British retailer specializing in women’s activewear with over 50 boutiques in the United Kingdom and six in the United States. Sweaty Betty needed a tool that kept pace with rapidly changing business needs. With Playvox, Sweaty Betty was better positioned to face the challenges of COVID-19 while delighting customers across multiple channels.


  • Standardizing in-store and online customer service.
  • Team leaders spent hundreds of hours manually compiling feedback data.


  • Playvox’s Quality Management solution provides instant access to success metrics and customer feedback which leads to more fruitful feedback sessions and better customer service.


  • Increased first- contact resolution by 20%.
  • Reduced training time by 50%.
  • Decreased time spent on assessments by nearly 45%.
  • Saved 46 hours of work per month for the team leader.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweaty Betty closed its stores temporarily while most of its customers were shopping online. They needed to make sure that their rapidly growing team of customer service agents delivered the same level of experience through chat, email, and social media that customers were used to receiving in stores.

However, conducting agent evaluations was a manual, time-consuming process. Sweaty Betty needed a better system that would save time, provide more consistent feedback for agents, and deliver the superb online shopping experience their customers expected from them every time.


When Sweaty Betty started working with Playvox, they were thrilled to discover that Playvox Quality Management is a collaborative tool with instant access to metrics. The calibration features and automatic workloads Playvox offered also made it easier to set up tasks and focus on ways to interact with customers cohesively. Plus, team leaders were able to focus on qualitative conversations with their agents, which helps keep all of their interactions with customers aligned with the company’s values.


Since implementing Playvox, Sweaty Betty has seen improvements across the board. Their customer service team has scaled tremendously, and team leaders now conduct over 700 agent assessments each month in a fraction of the time. The time these assessments take has gone down 43%, which means Sweaty Betty’s team leaders save over 46 hours each month.

“The biggest reward we’ve gained from Playvox, is that the platform springboards conversation. It’s not a penalty system. It’s a collaboration tool. It allows the advisor to come with their guard down and be a little vulnerable. If they are struggling, they can ask for help. That’s where we see the most value, because you can course correct as needed.” 

– Amy Rooney, Customer Solutions Manager, Sweaty Betty

“Our customers are extremely happy with the difference in service that they’re receiving now versus before we started with Playvox.”

Amy Rooney, Customer Solutions Manager, Sweaty Betty

Playvox Helped Sweaty Betty Save 46 Hours of Team Leader Time Every Month and Reduced Training Times by 50%.

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