The Bouqs Co. achieved 318%+ ROI from conversation tagging automation

The Bouqs Co. is a bouquet delivery service with a mission: to revolutionize the way we commemorate life’s moments by connecting people to beautifully designed floral experiences and the responsible partners who create them. For this e-commerce retailer, customer satisfaction comes first.

The Bouqs Co. Achieved 318%+ ROI from Conversation Tagging Automation


  • Inconsistent and time-consuming customer data process
  • Manual customer feedback and conversation tagging system
  • Need for customer data analysis tool


  • Playvox’s Customer AI analytics platform gave The Bouqs Co. the insights that delighted customers and saved 100s agent hours


  • 89% improvement in Net Sentiment related to flower rerouting queries
  • 250,000+ conversations automatically tagged per year
  • 763+ agent hours saved per year by removing the need to tag conversations


When operations, engineering, or even the marketing team need to build a business case, Ariana Allen, Reputation Manager, and her team get the call. Tasked with providing data “from the customer perspective,” Customer Experience would have to manually search through tags on Zendesk. This was a time-consuming, inconsistent process that ultimately overwhelmed both teams.

“Whenever we got a request, we had to drop everything and concentrate on that. It could take hours—sometimes days. At a certain point, we had to start turning down requests for data information.”

That kind of inaction is bad news for a customer-first company like The Bouqs Co. It can tank a customer’s experience and impact the bottom line. 

Worse, without a core metric to track, Ariana and her team were often unable to make a compelling business case for the changes they needed to see happen.

“We need data to build a case for the improvements we want to make. Before Customer AI, it was a time-consuming task to go into Zendesk and search for a tag. And that’s not even considering the human error that goes along with manual tagging. We’d have to read through the tickets individually to get even a sense of customer sentiment. We couldn’t get a number.”


As COVID restrictions eased and people began traveling, flower deliveries were once again slipping through the cracks. This time, The Bouqs Co. was armed with hard data from Playvox’s Customer AI: a negative 80% Net Sentiment Score, which reflected a tangible impact on the business and its customers.

It looked about as bad as a 3-week old floral arrangement and didn’t fit in with their values around customer happiness.

“We went back to the business mission. We take a lot of direction from our CEO, Alejandro, who is very customer-centric. He just loves making people happy and that’s what empowered our team to come up with the best solution for the customer.”

With a speedy, convenient way to pull data and cold, hard facts to support a business case, Ariana and the rest of The Bouqs Co. CX team were able to suggest a meaningful improvement in a timely manner.

Ariana’s manager Sharie decided the solution was to send a replacement The Bouqs Co. to the new address. Whatever the situation — wrong address, reroute, customer typo — The Bouqs Co. would send a replacement, no questions asked.

“We’re taking the brunt of those costs, but we want the customers to leave happy. Customers refer family and friends or give us repeat business because they know they can rely on us to turn around the situation as best we can. So the cost is minimal in the grand scheme of things.”


In the span of a month, the customer Net Sentiment Score around reroute requests went up by 89%, from -80% to -9%. Even more, the support team could see a qualitative difference through positive reviews that called out the resolution. It was a radical change, but it’s had massive (and with Customer AI, measurable) positive impacts on the business.

“In the future, we’d like to come up with periodic team-specific sentiment scores so each team can see how customers are reacting to their initiatives. That’ll give us an even better way to look at where we can make improvements and determine how we can improve that experience for our customers.”

The Bouqs Co. Achieved 318%+ ROI from Conversation Tagging Automation

“Before Playvox, requests for customer data would take hours—sometimes days. At a certain point, we had to start turning down requests. Everything was just being either paused or delayed. Finding the data we needed was time-consuming and prone to the human error that goes along with manual tagging.”

The Bouqs Co. Achieved 318%+ ROI from Conversation Tagging Automation

Ariana Allen, The Bouqs Co. Reputation Manager

“Playvox’s Net Sentiment Score helps us show how customer’s feelings are trending and address issues proactively to prevent things like bad reviews and people not coming back at all.”

Ariana Allen, The Bouqs Co. Reputation Manager

The Bouqs Co. Achieved 318%+ ROI from Conversation Tagging Automation

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