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Multi-channel QA evaluations on a single platform.

Dorm Room Movers, founded in 2007, helps simplify the college moving process for students, with an effortless and straightforward service. Serving over 40,000 students at campuses across the United States with storage and shipping solutions, BBB A+ accredited Dorm Room Movers are recognized as a fast-growing business.


The busiest season for Dorm Room Movers is between April and June when their team handles over 25,000 calls. During these high volume periods the support team provides multi-channel support (email, chat, phone and SMS), scaling the amount of its agents according to their needs.

After finding a way to centralize their communications through Zendesk, Dorm Room Movers needed to find the best way to operate an efficient and productive QA Program capable of handling their high volume of customer interactions.

The company had been running their QA on spreadsheets, which limited their real-time feedback and operational tasks, making things difficult. Tracking agents’ sales and conversions was a cumbersome weekly task. They needed a solution that would integrate effectively with Zendesk.

Storage and shipping services
Arizona, USA
Type of Interactions
Sales and Logistic Support Service


Playvox created an all-in-one solution. Dorm Room Movers received the integration they needed with Zendesk, as well as a platform that offered them unique advantages:

  • it allowed them to upgrade from spreadsheets to customizable scorecards to better target their support team’s areas of improvement. Filtering and prioritizing tickets and interactions also made analysis more efficient.
  • follow-up on different channel interactions became easier. Playvox enabled Dorm Room Movers to centralize evaluation of interactions for the quality review process and closely manage both Inbound and Outbound interactions.
  • agents became more involved in their evaluation process. Direct participation was increased through real-time feedback and built-in collaborative messaging.
  • motivating agents became effortless. Playvox helped to publicly recognize agents through badges, based on quality results and targeted development. Goal-oriented improvements are encouraged by offering a unique reward program of gift cards ranging in value from 1 USD to 5000 USD.
  • Playvox gives Dorm Room Movers the means to scale their business according to seasonal fluctuations.
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