Ensuring Your Agents are Fully Operational Working from Home

Maintaining agent productivity can be a challenge, no matter where your agents are working. By implementing simple strategies, you can significantly increase efficiency of your customer service operations teams working on-site, remote or hybrid. Higher performance levels lead to employee satisfaction and establish loyal and happy customers — all building blocks for a strong brand.

Ensuring Your Agents are Fully Operational Working from Home

What’s Inside

In our ebook, you’ll learn actionable strategies and key takeaways to ensure a productive contact center team, no matter where they’re working, including:

  • How Playvox’s Workforce Engagement Management helps customer service teams working at home or within a hybrid setting
  • Ideas to create healthy competition among individual agents working from various locations
  • Best practices to transition to a work-from-home operation
  • How to train customer service agents to handle sensitive conversations in times of crisis
  • Tips to handle increased customer service ticket volumes
  • Ways to effectively communicate when contact center tensions run high