Focus on Agent Retention in Tight Times

The average turnover rate at contact centers recently hit 30%. It’s time to focus on agent engagement.

In 2022, the average agent turnover rate climbed as high as 30% for large customer service organizations. With the cost to replace an agent averaging more than $14,000, you can’t afford to stay stuck in this cycle.

To help you reduce agent turnover and keep your costs down, we put together a new ebook focused on increasing engagement and making your contact center a place where agents want to work.

Focus on Agent Retention in Tight Times

What’s Inside

This ebook includes engagement, coaching, and motivational strategies to help keep your agents on board longer. It also covers:

  • How to Invest Wisely in Your Agents with Training and Coaching
  • Types of Motivation and the Top Ways to Motivate Your Team
  • How to Keep Agent Retention Simple and Effective