Genesys + Playvox

Extend the value of your Genesys PureEngage contact center platform with centralized and automated QA, performance management, coaching, learning and agent motivation tools.

Five 9 Customer service quality assurance - PlayVox

Our Genesys PureEngage integration helps teams:

Filter your most important support tickets

Easily segment your support tickets to identify those that require your attention the most. You can filter by: 
- ID
- Agent ID
- Call type
- Region
- Disposition code
- Language
- Market
- Booking reference
- Duration
- Service type
- R target type selection
- R target agent selection
- Service selection

Develop personalized training for agents

Address agent skill deficiencies with custom quizzes and training modules designed specifically for them. Team leaders can easily target weak areas and drive agent performance improvement.

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Recognized, Reward and Motivate Agents

Recognize your agents for stellar behavior, reward them with custom badges and motivate them with Karma Points, which they can exchange for gifts in the Karma Store. Your agents will feel incentivized and motivated to perform at a higher level.

Transform, automate and improve your QA process while centralizing all your quality operations. Your agents will know more so they can do more for your customers.

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AICPA SOC 2 available Playvox
We know security is very important to you, as it is to us.
Playvox is SOC 2 compliant.

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