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Expanding with an Efficient QA Program

Ibotta is the largest consumer technology company headquartered in Denver, CO. Launched in 2012, the company is now the premier destination for rewarded shopping on mobile, and has paid out more than $350 million in cash back to its users. It has reached nearly 23 million downloads, and is one of the most frequently used shopping apps in the United States.


As a 500-employee company with over 23 million shoppers within the United States, Ibotta has a constantly expanding customer care department. Their premise is to deliver a great reward commerce experience in an app-centric ecosystem. Therefore, they needed to set processes in place to ensure that quality service is delivered on a consistent basis (running an efficient QA Program) especially since:

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  • they were running their QA Program as a very manual process - handling complex calculations in Google Sheets (multiple confusing tabs and folders) - facing high risk of inconsistency in data (human errors)
  • their process was not scalable, lacking performance overview, risking  subjective reviews
  • data was not user-friendly. They wanted to motivate agents by sharing QA score rankings and rewards through personalized dashboards
  • they relied on distribution of information through emails from Supervisors, which decreased supervisor efficiency
  • it was nearly impossible for them to track non-evaluated agents due to their volume of evaluations


In Playvox, Ibotta found that they were able to centralize process that could be managed more efficiently and motivate agents by promoting solid back and forth communication and best QA practices among their reps. Having a centralized process due to the QA Platform, allowed them to:

  • monitor and gather their data to formulate best practices and next best actions.
  • improve their overall QA Score by 9.26% in only 5 months
  • increase their evaluations from 386 to an average of 1787 monthly
  • simplify managing their team which consists of 6 Admins, 16 Team Leaders, 13 QA Analysts and 141 agents
  • easily generate scorecards and reports to facilitate operational tasks and free up time to focus on areas of improvement, such as agent motivation and follow up.

Improvement has been so pervasive even agents have seen a positive impact on their daily work. Regarding user satisfaction, both QA Analysts and Team Leaders have rated Playvox a perfect 100 Net Promoter Score on surveys.

“… looking forward to the impact Playvox will have on our productivity and workforce management processes.”
Chris Sherland /Ibotta Care Director
“…it [Playvox] is a very useful tool that makes quality checks faster, easier, and more comprehensive.”
Logan Weir/Team Leader
“Playvox unites everyone into a common goal of communication with one another and recognizing accomplishments. Great communication between co-workers.”
Anthony bujak / agent

With our Quality module, Ibotta has completed 32 calibrations among their 16 teams and has also awarded around 1500 Karma Points (gift card rewards, part of our recognition and reward program) amid their team members.

They are an amazing example on how to use “Community” to their advantage, improving motivation of agents to communicate, learn, improve their skills, stay current on customer needs, therefore impacting final results. Here, their staff gets to recognize peers and motivate them, ask for advice on how to manage certain situations or on how to achieve certain goals.

Zendesk’s integration with Playvox has proven to be an advantage for them as well:

“This plugin [Zendesk] is designed to allow for a very rapid and accurate agent case QA workflows which in turn allows us a reduced headcount projection for the case QA team over the next 12-18 months as a result"
Chris Sherland /Ibotta Care Director
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