Provide superior customer service at a lower cost by integrating Amazon Connect with Playvox WFM.

Amazon Connect is a strategic technology partner of Playvox with a deep level of integration between the two “born in the cloud” platforms running on AWS.

Amazon Connect

Improve agent productivity and customer experience across voice and digital channels with the all-in-one, AI- and ML-powered contact center with Playvox and Amazon Connect.  Integrate our WFM solution which is purpose-built to get operations under control — quickly and efficiently. 

Playvox WFM is built for the proliferation of digital channels common in today’s contact centers, With Playvox WFM integrated with Amazon Connect you can:

Amazon Connect

Forecast and schedule multi-step interactions across all channels with accuracy. This includes voice, chat, email, and social media.

Get real-time operational visibility and manage changes for your staff in real-time as your volumes shift.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect

Leverage our out-of-the-box integration and get your questions answered with our industry expertise supporting and maintaining integrations for customers.

Predict your customer service contact volumes with ease and deliver exceptional customer experience. And, move away from a single annual plan to the ability to model various scenarios with Playvox’s built-in Capacity Planner, enabling you to leverage twelve months of historical data to better plan for absence and shrinkage. With Capacity Planner, you can adjust your plan with assumptions change and easily collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure an accurate plan.

Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect

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