Playvox Quality Management for Kustomer

Improve Quality Assurance, Coaching, Learning, and agent Performance for Kustomer interactions so that your team can deliver exceptional experiences daily.


One place for your customer conversations and QM program

Give your agents real-time feedback based on specific customer interactions in their evaluation results.

Create filters to maximize customer experience

Create filters by CSAT rating, message count, note count, priority and more to evaluate the most important interactions and make customer service quality soar.

Build and personalize QA scorecards for your organization

Design your own scorecards tailored to your different interaction types and channels for easy evaluations. Give your agents real-time feedback on scorecard sections or questions to help them improve.

Generate detailed reports and identify service issues

Generate data-driven reports by specific teams, agents, leaders, and analysts to identify customer service problems and areas for improvement.

Playvox WEM allows for easier, more effective work
for every employee, everywhere.