Evaluate customer service quality your own way

It’s possible to use Playvox without a CRM or service software integration as a standalone software.

How it works:

Evaluate your agents or customer service interactions

Upload your customer service interactions by FTP or evaluate interactions by viewing them on your service software and link your interaction to the evaluation result for the agents to view.

Build and customize QA scorecards

Easily build QA scorecards in minutes and customize them according to your needs. Give your agents real-time feedback on scorecard sections or questions to help them improve.

Identify customer service problem

Generate data-driven reports by specific teams, agents, leaders, or analysts, to identify customer service problems and areas for improvement.

Take your QA process to the next level and effortlessly run QA with Playvox.

Trusted by companies of all sizes.

Why complicate your Quality Assurance process?

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