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A Playvox Partnership Success Story

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LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are time-consuming and for emails, which tend to be slow, it is an application that enables visitors of websites to chat live with customer support. It’s a solution dedicated for e-commerce and customer care.

Unique greetings and powerful reporting are a small token of the features that aid clients in day-to-day business activities.

90 passionate people developing and supporting the most efficient and easy-to-use live chat software for business compose the LiveChat team.

Serving more than 24.000 businesses worldwide, LiveChat looked into expanding its integrations towards offering a tool that would take care of Quality Assurance for their clients. In the process they found PlayVox.

Having LiveChat integrated with PlayVox represents a world of possibilities, some of which comprise:

Teams of specialists are able to assess their compliance with pre-established quality standards as all chat conversations are uploaded directly to PlayVox.
It allows an easier management of quality assessments in a comparable and trackable way.
Areas in need of development can be identified quickly, efficiently showing who could use additional help.
From the manager's point of view, it allows for comparative reports showing quality and effectiveness of customer support depending on the communication channel and allows to track progress over time.
It helps simplify the communication assessment process and increase its effectiveness.

In order to Understand how LiveChat’s integration with PlayVox works, here’s a case study of a joint client who has experienced the benefits of it: WebInterpret.


WebInterpret turned the global marketplace on its head by breaking down the barriers to international retail for online merchants. Today, WebInterpret powers international sales for over 20,000 independent retailers worldwide.

Their main goal is to democratize international e-commerce, making it possible for domestic online traders, small or large, to offer their products worldwide while providing superior customer service with just a couple of clicks.

“Our simple Plug & Play solution provides international buyers with a comprehensive end-to-end local shopping experience.” Emilia Solnica (Training Coordinator)

LiveChat and PlayVox


As WebInterpret supports their customers at every step of their journey (helping them set up international product pages or listings), they encounter and address diverse technical and support queries along the processes.

WebInterpret’s plans for the future (at the time - year 2016) contemplated not only unfolding their Webstores extension, but also looking towards becoming a comprehensive cross-border trade solution. Such plans led to different needs:

Upgrading to a much more efficient QA program, which, at that point was based on spreadsheets (a time-consuming process for quality analysts).
Improving and simplifying Quality analysts’ evaluation process (they needed multiple opened tabs to evaluate one single interaction).
Implementing both coaching processes and training tools for agents.
Managing the quality and effectiveness of communications and support provided to their clients, including all communication channels: calls, emails and chats in one place.
Tracking agent performance while having an engaging and in real-time improvement process.

LiveChat customer service, PlayVox quality assurance
LiveChat and PlayVox on quality assurance benefits

WebInterpret needed integrated tools to improve their Quality Assurance team’s overall quality results and customer satisfaction and they found the perfect match: LiveChat + PlayVox.

“With PlayVox & LiveChat’s integration, we increased the output of assessments and quality in targeted areas by 20% on average. It also allowed us to spot different needs for learning and development on different communication channels.” Emilia

“We pay close attention to the quality of  communication and support provided to our clients. That would include all communication channels: calls, emails and chats. Thanks to LiveChat - PlayVox integration all chat conversations are uploaded directly to PlayVox, where team of specialists can assess their compliance with our quality standards.” Emilia

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