Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres

Empower your agents, team leaders, quality control analysts, and managers with the real-time resources and intelligence needed to drive positive customer experience that increases productivity and revenue.

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres

Top customer service teams use Playvox

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres

Playvox’s G2 Rankings

Playvox is a leading cloud-native, digital-first solution for contact centres across EMEA. Customer service teams from around the globe choose Playvox as their workforce management and quality assurance solution to increase agent productivity, improve the customer experience (CX), and reduce operating costs.  

The demand for omnichannel contact centre software is stronger than ever. Playvox is determined and committed to empower contact centre agents whether they work in-person, remote, or across multiple locations. Our omnichannel, agent-driven solutions improve CX, making us your go-to workforce engagement management solution.

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for Contact Centres
Key Features

Recognize, motivate and incentivize agents

Workforce Management

Playvox WFM forecasts volumes of all work types (chats, emails, calls, etc.) and builds schedules that serve everyone. Real-time workstream data means you always know what’s happening, anywhere, at any time (mobile devices, tablets and computers) so the unexpected can be handled immediately. Automated alerts make schedule adherence a breeze so everyone wins.


Playvox Quality Management supports way more than just audits.  Create scorecards in minutes. Work collaboratively with all team members by assigning workloads to individuals for maximum velocity. Conduct calibration sessions with every auditor to ensure consistency across all scored evaluations. And go Beyond to see how you get so much more.

And Beyond…

Playvox’s Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) portfolio goes beyond QA and WFM to deliver all the ops support systems needed to drive Employee Engagement and outstanding Customer Experience. Our supporting cast of performance management, agent motivation, coaching, learning and even voice of the customer helps you create winning experiences daily.

Key Benefits

Deliver a world-class customer experience

  • Centralise your Quality Assurance (QA) system for chat, support tickets, and text-based interactions in one place, enabling you to automate and improve QA processes.
  • Improve scheduling accuracy and reduce staffing costs with Workforce Management (WFM). Synchronous and asynchronous workloads are seamlessly handled for omnichannel environments.
  • Develop better onboarding, compliance, and training with a learning management system (LMS) designed exclusively for customer teams.
  • Promote the wellbeing of your agents through recognition – reduce staff churn and raise employee satisfaction via rewards, coaching, and motivational tools.
  • Demonstrate excellence in the service delivered or correct team performance through measurable KPIs within personalized reporting dashboards.
  • Align team support and evaluate performance and impact with seamless integrations of Zendesk, Salesforce, Talkdesk, and more.