Work From Home:
10 Lessons to Elevate
Remote Agent Experiences

Thursday, April 2, 2020
11AM (ET)

Remote work is anything but a novel concept. COVID-19 has just made it a trending topic these days. It’s easy to feel bombarded by the average run-of-the-mill tips and best practices circulating on the web. But, we think we have a few new insights to share.

Sutherland, one of the world’s largest BPO outsourcers, is no stranger to managing and optimizing the performance of omnichannel remote customer service and sales teams. With over a decade of experience leading remote teams for some of the biggest brands in the world, they’ve seen and done it all. 

Join Charlene Petrie, Sr. Project Manager, Community Management at Sutherland on her 10 lessons learned from managing thousands of remote workers on customer service operations and sales teams and how you can do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage and optimize the performance of a remote workforce
  • Measuring and improving customer service quality for remote teams
  • Recognition and rewards strategies
  • Just in time training based on real-time performance
  • Tools used

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Meet our Host and Guest:

Host: Joe Mcfadden

VP, Business Development, Playvox

Guest: Charlene Petrie

Sr. Project Manager, Community Management, Sutherland

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