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Quality Assurance an Imperative for Rapid Growth and New Product!

Monese was born as a banking service that is inclusive, instant and on-demand. Their goal - to make opening and using a bank account as easy as ordering an Uber. They offer the first 100% mobile current (bank) account in the UK. They have opened tens of thousands of mobile only, on-demand current accounts for customers all over the UK and the wider EU. Named ‘Best Challenger-Bank' in Europe.

We are building a new business, building a new product... Team is growing pretty fast and we need to put some processes in place, we started with performance and customer  satisfaction and our next step is the quality assurance to make sure that the quality of the interactions of our agents are having with the customers are up to level” -
Lauri Haav / Head of Customer Loyalty


The company has a growing Customer Service Center with different channels (50% phone calls, 30% emails and 20% chats). Due to the volume of interactions and the lack of capability of reviewing  all of them, they were basing their agent follow-up on experiential or social comments only. They couldn’t easily quantify issues, identify issues, or have an educated opinion about how to address issues.

Not only were they facing these difficulties, but they were also uncovering needs that had to be addressed:

London, UK
22 Service Center Agents
Zendesk - Intercom
  • making quality a key metric
  • having agent assessment & motivation
  • fulfillment of regulations, documentation and security compliance
  • general development of the team (identifying issues, coaching, training & feedback)
  • management awareness / visibility  into agent and/or team training needs.
  • centralization of interactions from their different CRM tools


Playvox helped them build a quality practice focused on compliance, transparency of quality data, and a structured way to develop their growing team of service agents (3 Admins, 1 Team Leader, 1 QA Analyst and 17 Agents).

They found that our suite of applications perfectly solved assessing agent skills in an objective way, informing them about their training process, motivating them, having management aware of possible issues and achieving compliance of security procedures.

Today they have 22 Playvox users who employ “Quality” and “Coaching” from our suite, conducting an average of 4.8 evaluations per agent/monthly. Customer Service Center Admins have rated us with 100 NPS.

"With our growth, there's an emphasis on agent skills development," states Lauri Haav. "The combination of quality evaluations and follow up for coaching and training is important for our compliance requirements.”

As part of the solution, they are implementing two of our possible “integrations”: Zendesk and Intercom.

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