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The Full Potential of Quality Assurance With a Complete Suite.

Jefferson Dental Care being able to properly oversee such a big operation while keeping high customer service standards was more than a necessity for them, it was a must.

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“PlayVox is used in our Patient Contact Center to keep our agents engaged, updated with company announcements and changes and it’s also used to measure and recognize a job well done. It’s our central space to motivate the team and everyone loves using it to see their progress and prepare for the day. It’s one of our secret weapons!”

Dalia Rios - Patient Care Director at JDC


CSAT Improvement Through PlayVox QA Software


Quality Assurance: an Imperative for Rapid Growth and
New Product!


Expanding with an Efficient QA Program.


Maintaining a Service Quality Brand While Scaling a Global Business


Multi-channel QA evaluations on a single platform.


Quality Assurance Made Easy.


Efficiently monitoring and improving QA metrics


When a QA Program becomes more than just measuring KPIs.

PlayVox's Integration Success Stories
LiveChat and PlayVox quality assurance

Improving Quality & Reliability of Customer Service Teams

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An integration Designed for Success.

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