Playvox Performance

Easy KPI tracking of customer service metrics that matter to your team

Track customer service KPIs in real-time to recognize and correct team performance

Brands managing team performance with Playvox

Keep your finger on the pulse of agent and team performance. Discover Playvox Performance features and capabilities.

Go beyond standard customer service metrics

What gets measured, gets managed

Your business is unique. So are your KPIs. Use the powerful formula builder to create KPIs unique to your organization and track at your fingertips.

Keep team performance on track

Track multiple KPIs in a single view

Combine multiple KPIs into a performance campaign. Track progress by individual member or for the whole team.

Define objectives, view progress in personalized dashboards

Team visibility, collaboration and empowerment

View leaderboards, rankings, and goal attainment by individual, motivating and empowering team members.

Combine QA results with Performance KPIs for better operational visibility

Create a more holistic view of customer service operations

Combine QA scores, effectiveness, total evaluations and customer service KPIs for new insights into agent and team performance.

Results-based coaching and recognition

Provide continuous feedback based on results

Boost morale by recognizing outstanding performance in leaderboards and identify coaching opportunities for team members below goal.

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