Understand customer sentiment and improve business performance. Discover Playvox Voice of the Customer features and capabilities

Feedback surveys, humanized

Friendly and powerful CSAT surveys that get results

Make surveys personal by including an agent photo and social media-style biography to humanize your surveys and increase response rates by up to 4 times compared to industry benchmarks.

Uncover DSAT root causes, take action

Reduce churn by understanding dissatisfaction

Quickly understand dissatisfaction with DSAT surveys to minimize churn and improve the overall customer experience.

Measure customer effort

Identify friction points with Customer Effort Score
(CES) surveys

Uncover hidden friction points in the customer experience to improve CSAT, customer loyalty and ultimately, revenue.

Automate follow-up surveys

Microsegment your surveys, send when you want

Powerful survey triggers and filter conditions enable you to send the right surveys just in time, over email or SMS.

Unite survey results with agent performance

Drive team and agent-level awareness

Tie survey results to the agents who provided the service to better understand business performance, identify skill gaps and training opportunities for agents to further improve the customer experience.

The beauty of listening to customers lies in what you do with it.
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