Leverage AI to surface contact trends and sentiment, and assist in scoring with Playvox AutoQA

Many automated quality systems want you to believe you can just automatically score all interactions overnight, without taking a deeper look at the impacts to your people and processes. At Playvox, we have leveraged our long history in the Quality Management space to create solutions that can scale as your business grows and let you experiment with leveraging AI in your contact center before making a widespread change in your core quality processes

Playvox AutoQA is a collection of functionality that lets you get the full picture of what is driving customer interactions with your business and also identifies the underlying sentiment. AutoQA will also provide AI to assist your analysts with scoring to drive a more efficient scoring and feedback process, but also allow your team to gain confidence in the results.

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Don’t miss your chance to infuse AI into your quality management practice! With Playvox AutoQA, you can leverage AI to assist analysts in scoring evaluations and providing feedback, creating more efficiency and ultimately saving you costs. Join the wait list today and start to introduce AI into your contact center without massive change management normally required.

Please note that AutoQA is available for Salesforce and Zendesk at this time. Please submit the form below, and we will keep you up-to-date on additional integrations.

Playvox AutoQA Auto QA

Analyze 100% of digital interactions

Identify topics and analyze sentiment in 100% coverage of text-based interactions for Salesforce and Zendesk CRMs.

AI-Driven Insights

Leverage AI with an assisted assessment of scorecards so you can spend more time fixing issues rather than identifying them. 

Get the Insight Needed Into Customer Sentiment

With AI-infused QA, you have an easy way to see customer sentiment scoring and analyze interactions by topic. Use these insights for better workload allocation and filtering.

Reduce Manual Effort

Let AI score specific questions within the scorecard and provide feedback to reduce manual processes.

Playvox AutoQA Auto QA
Playvox AutoQA Auto QA

Understand Quality with Root Cause Analysis 

Easily run and automate data analysis, giving managers key insights into performance, along with root cause analysis.

Playvox AutoQA allows for easier, more effective work for every employee, everywhere.What are you waiting for.