Learn from every customer conversation with Playvox Customer AI

Uncover actionable customer insights by analyzing conversations from every ticket, survey, and digital interaction. Welcome to advanced AI-driven customer feedback and sentiment analysis.

Anecdotal data doesn’t cut it. 
Engage your stakeholders with quantitative data.

Be the agent of change. Using Customer AI’s data-driven insights you can bring customer pain points to life across your organization.

Manual tagging doesn’t scale. 
Focus your agent’s time on delivering the best customer experience.

As your support volume grows, manual tagging quickly breaks down. This leaves you in the dark as to what are the true contact reasons and which customer issues need to be prioritized.

Root cause analysis can take weeks. 
It doesn’t have to.

Find any feedback with our blazing fast text search. Instantly find feedback related to any keyword or phrase.  Tag large amounts of historic feedback in seconds.

Omnichannel Customer feedback is everywhere. 
Centralize and aggregate your multiple datasets.

Customer AI consolidates individual feedback from all of your data sources so you can see the big picture from your customer’s perspective.

Customer AI

Monitor your customer sentiment

Automatically measure the sentiment of each customer interaction and identify negative experiences. Easily track and measure how your customers feel about your service and identify drivers of negative experiences.

Fully customizable automated tagging powered by AI 

Automatically analyze all your support tickets, online reviews, NPS, surveys and all other customer feedback in one place. Our AI learns from your feedback and gets more accurate over time.

Customer AI
Customer AI

Get real-time reporting on customer issues

Track topics trends, understand what matters the most to your customers and take decisive action.  Collaborate with teammates or export reports.

Using Customer AI, Stockpile was able to realize an ROI of 350% from conversation tagging automation.  “Immediately the noise was gone and we were able to see what the customer was saying and it was wonderful. I remember thinking, this is great, we’re clearly getting more value than we’re paying for.”
Jeffrey Laird
Vice President of Customer Care, Stockpile

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