Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual QA processes

Easily identify customer service problems by simplifying your work.

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We are currently saving so much time that we are hoping to improve the QA process and increase the number of evaluations done per agent from 4 to 12 evaluations monthly. This is something exciting for us, as we are seeing instant improvements in time and in agent engagement.

Emilia Solnica
Training Manager

Webinterpret customer service quality assurace

Have total control of your customer service quality operations

Give your team visibility and take action on what can be improved.
Centralize customer service quality operations - Playvox

All your customer interactions in one place

Playvox integrates with most CRM and service software. Bring your customer interactions to Playvox, filter, prioritize and evaluate the ones that are most relevant to your team.

Playvox can also be used as a standalone software.

Create your own QA scorecards

Personalize your QA forms according to your evaluation criteria.

Automatically distribute customer interactions to analysts.

Set up randomly selected and distributed interactions to your QA team every week.

Workload assignation in service quality - Playvox
Customer service agent real-time feedback - Playvox

Give real-time feedback and have better collaboration

Make your QA process collaborative by allowing your agents to participate in the evaluation process with built-in collaboration, and real-time feedback within the evaluations and messaging.

Identify all your customer service problems

Generate reports of agents’ evaluations, add personalized dashboards and empower your team to take immediate action upon this information.
Watch a 3 min demo on our Quality Product
Watch a 3 min demo on our Quality Product
Identify all your customer service problems

They have left spreadsheets behind
to transform their QA process

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Motivate customer service quality assurance
Wonolo customer service quality assurance

Why complicate your Quality Assurance process?

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