Five9 + Playvox

Playvox is a Call Center Quality Assurance Software that allows you to monitor and improve all your Five9 calls to evaluate service quality in one centralized place.

Five 9 Customer service quality assurance - PlayVox

Our Five9 integration helps teams:

Create filters and prioritize your calls

Create filters within Playvox to prioritize interactions and evaluate the ones that are most relevant to your customer service and
quality operations

Save time and put your QA process on autopilot by automatically assigning random interactions to your quality analysts.

Create scorecards in minutes

Customize your QA forms, evaluate all your customer
calls and give agents real-time feedback on specific scorecard sections and customer
service issues.

Generate reports based on your quality results  

Easily identify customer service problems by generating data-driven reports. Share evaluation results with your agents and give them visibility on what can
be improved.

Centralize all your quality assurance operations and help your customer service team improve.

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