Freshworks/Freshdesk + Playvox

Unify all your support tickets to run Quality Assurance in one centralized place.

customer service quality assurance for Freshdesk - PlayVox

Our Freshdesk integration helps teams:

Filter and prioritize
your customer interactions

Create filters and decide which customer interactions are the most important to you for quality purposes.

Filter your Freshdesk tickets by fields and date fields such as:

+ Responder id
+ Spend Time
+ First Response Time
+ Resolved at
+ First Responded at

Identify customer
service problems.

Generate reports based on evaluations results. Identify areas in which your agents need to improve and give them visibility of their results.

Give your agents real-time feedback

Give your agents real-time feedback based on specific customer interactions in their evaluation results.

Evaluate Freshchat Conversations via Freshdesk Tickets

With Freshdesk's integration, users have the possibility to convert Freshchat conversations into Freshdesk tickets. User will be able to run quality assurance on their Freshdesk tickets with this capability.

Take your QA process to the next level and engage team members by leaving spreadsheets behind.

To find more about Freshdesk visit:
QA process engage team members

You’re in good company

Bitso customer service quality assurance process
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AICPA SOC 2 available Playvox
We know security is very important to you, as it is to us.
Which is why Playvox is SOC 2 compliant.

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