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Playvox vs. MaestroQA

MaestroQA provides a limited solution through third-party integrations. Playvox gives you a full agent suite with customized integrations.

  • MaestroQA doesn’t address the full agent experience. With QA alone, agent attrition remains too high.
  • The Playvox quality management solution spans agent responsibilities: Quality Assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning, VoC, WFM, and Agent Motivation.
  • The Playvox solution helps agents stay motivated, trained, supported, and able to deliver great customer service.

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Playvox’s G2 Rankings

4.7 stars out of 5

Playvox is the top rated Quality Assurance software for contact centers. We score higher than MaestroQA on:

  • ROI
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Training

Feature Comparison

G2 users evaluated Playvox and MaestroQA by feature. The following ratings are representative of reviewers' overall satisfaction with each feature.

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Our Biggest Wins


96% of Playvox customers are satisfied with the product’s reports. Only 89% of MaestroQA customers are satisfied with their reports.
Playvox Quality allows you to monitor the performance of your customer service team in real-time. Whether you want to evaluate information by agents, scorecards, teams, or analysts, we ensure you have access to the right data. Playvox Quality accelerates decision making and performance improvements.


97% of Playvox Quality customers are satisfied with product dashboards. 93% of MaestroQA customers are satisfied with theirs.
Open and transparent access to information is required to empower your customer service team. At Playvox, we believe that dashboards help your agents identify where and how they can improve. MaestroQA requires a plan upgrade to access dashboards.


95% of Playvox customers love their training. 84% of MaestroQA customers like theirs.
Not only is Playvox Quality easy to implement and set up, but the customer success team shines when training you on how to use the tool. We understand you need to have the solution in place to improve your QA process, and we take that seriously by getting you up-to-speed quickly and effectively.

Playvox is the leader in contact center quality assurance

It’s no secret why Playvox is the leader in customer service and QA software. Playvox offers a comprehensive Workforce Engagement Management Suite that is fully integrated and consists of Quality Assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning, Workforce Management, Voice of the Customer (VOC), and Motivation software. The Playvox suite centralizes and automates your entire quality assurance process from beginning to end — ensuring your customer service teams are empowered with the insights to drive measurable results. With transparent and real-time access to dashboards, agents and analysts can easily manage performance to improve customer service.

Why settle for less? For pricing comparable to MaestroQA, get a full-featured, cloud-native QA product that gives your contact center exactly what you need to standardize and improve customer service. Playvox is the comprehensive, integrated quality assurance solution.

We Celebrate Our Customers’ Success

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Why Our Customers Love Us

We owe it all to our happy customers who have named us a leader. Here’s what a few of them have to say.

"It is very user friendly, both for teamleaders, analysts and agents. It fulfills very well the objective of getting rid of spreadsheets: it allows to automate tasks that were very manual until now. It is very customizable. And its support team is simply top level!"
Celeste P

"I like the design. It's simple and efficient. You can clearly focus on your shortcomings and work on it to overcome them. Playvox is constantly seeking ways to enhance the joyful experience from the user's perspectives."
Waqas D.

“Fast, reliable, analysis, easy to navigate. Also, you can add notes under each scoring parameter to better explain the reason for the markdown and also you can check what are the points that you need to consider to achieve this specific parameter.”
Aly E.

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