Talkdesk + Playvox

Playvox is a Quality Assurance Software that lets you have total control of your service quality by evaluating your calls to identify customer service problems.

Quality assurance software for Talkdesk

Our Talkdesk integration helps teams:

Create filters to evaluate your most relevant calls

Filter your Talkdesk calls and evaluate only the calls that are most important to your customer service.

With our Talkdesk integration you can filter calls by:
+ Talk time
+ Wait time
+ Hold time
+ Abandon time
+ Disposition code
+ Agent voice rating
+ Among other filters used in Talkdesk.

Give your team
real-time feedback

Work collaboratively with your team by allowing them to discuss evaluation results with our built-in collaboration messaging.

See what’s happening

Generate reports based on
agent evaluations. Quickly identify areas of improvement and add personalized agent dashboards to give them visibility of their results.

Customer service quality assurance scorecard

Evaluate your customer service calls, identify areas of improvement and give your team visibility on what can be improved.

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Trusted by

Customer service quality assurance Plesk
Customer service quality assurance Acxiom
Yamsafer Customer service quality assurance
Salt lending Customer service quality assurance
AICPA SOC 2 available Playvox
We know security is very important to you, as it is to us.
Which is why Playvox is SOC 2 compliant.

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