Zendesk + Playvox

Unify your support tickets and chats to run Quality Assurance in one centralized place.

Quality assurance for Zendesk Chat and Support

Our Zendesk Support & Chat integrations help teams:

Filter your most important support tickets and chats

Filter and evaluate your customer interactions.

With Playvox + Zendesk you can choose the kinds of tickets and chats you want to evaluate.

Filter by:
+ Call duration
+ First resolution time
+ ReplyTime
+ Status
+ Priority
+ among many others.

Identify customer
service problems.

Generate reports based on evaluations results. Identify areas in which your agents need to improve and give them visibility of their results.

Give your agents real-time feedback

Give your agents real-time feedback based on specific customer interactions in their evaluation results.

Customer Service KPIs

Transform your QA process and centralize all your quality operations.

“Everything we need to evaluate an interaction is within Playvox. The integration has saved us a great deal of time by not having to toggle between local media players and Playvox or Zendesk”

Amanda James
Manager of Executive Escalations
Customer service quality assurance for upwork
To find more about Zendesk visit:  www.zendesk.com

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