Leading a remote Customer Service team has never been easier

Playvox is an all-in-one software suite that improves the customer experience by improving the agent experience, from quality assurance and coaching to learning and motivation – whether your teams are in the office or working remotely.

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Quality Assurance for remote teams

Create scorecards in minutes, filter interactions by key criteria and conduct quality assurance evaluations across voice, chat, and support tickets for remote agents, eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets.

Coach as if you were there

Drive continuous improvement for remote agents based on customer service problems with automated coaching recommendations based on QA scores, customized scorecards, and interactive coaching sessions to easily track the progress of individual agents or entire teams.

Online learning, designed for (remote) customer service teams

Create learning sessions in minutes with multimedia content and conduct self-paced online training for remote agents, no instructor needed. Tie learning sessions to QA evaluations and automatically send training sessions for agent development.

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''Sutherland and Playvox are partners and we have realized that without the Playvox platform and utilizing a remote workforce we would not be as successful.''

Charlene Petrie,
Sr. Project Manager, Community Management

Timely feedback. This is why I love Playvox, we're able to deliver timely feedback across all of our vendor partner sites based on delivering QA feedback right away and the way that works is once an individual completes an accurate evaluation inside Playvox that evaluation is sent directly to the agent through email.

Michelle Sexton,
Operations QA Manager

Motivate and reward agents, even when you can't have a cup of coffee with them

Recognize remote customer service team members with digital badges, earn Karma Points to spend in a customized online store and share accomplishments and recognition on a community wall.

Remote Work Resources


10 Lessons to Elevate Remote Agent Experiences (Sutherland Global Services)
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How Agent Experiences Fuel Customer Experiences in a Remote Work World (Turo)
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Keeping CX Fresh: Why a QA Program is Now More Important Than Ever
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