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ShipStation leads the e-commerce world with their web-based software designed to make e-commerce retailers exceptionally efficient at processing, fulfilling, and shipping orders from the most popular marketplaces and shopping carts using all the top carriers.

Integrating with over 70 marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Shopify, Buy.com, Etsy, ChannelAdvisor, Google Checkout, and many others, ShipStation gives merchants a full view of their sales & makes it easy for them to organize and process orders in a snap! They create shipping labels, packing slips, and pick lists in batches. ShipStation also communicate tracking information to customers, provide endless automation, filters, and views. They even offer wireless printing and have a mobile app!


Being a leader in e-commerce operations involves a wide range of processes that must work flawlessly. Each ShipStation process has its own set of requirements to work properly, especially Quality Assurance. Google Forms helped ShipStation in the early stages of development, however the limitations of this solution became clear as their business grew.

lack of organization, automation, and customization
difficulty implementing across different business areas
restricted data filtering options
need for a more structured rubric for grading service teams’ performance
insufficient time to execute the required manual tasks
inability to identify situations that would affect the grading process
lack of detailed data visibility for agent
lack of interest and engagement on behalf of team members due to such a awkward format
inability to trace or follow-up on service agents’ practices
inability to integrate with their CRM - Zendesk, forcing them to work on separate tools at a time
low morale when receiving feedback.


“We needed a way to manage our support quality assurance evaluations that integrated with ZenDesk and allowed customized access to managers and team leads, as well as a platform that could provide metrics for all our QA heuristics. Playvox had this functionality and integration, along with a number of bonus features. Our sales team is now using it to manage their coachings as well.”
Sarah Holdgrafer - Manager of Self-Service and Content at ShipStation

Since ShipStation started using PlayVox as their QA software, they have found definite benefits through:

a structured grading rubric that is easy to follow
great visibility for agents, allowing them to be autonomous - they have every review on site, no need to look for feedback emails
easy follow-up for Managers - easily identifying who is and isn't doing well, and making sure they're doing what they're supposed to be
traceability on acknowledged processes and actions taken (Team Leaders have improved their coaching timing)
an advantageous community space where team members can bring up issues/ideas/questions without getting buried in other tools
an effective way to have agents look forward to getting feedback
a newfound interest in achieving goals and receiving rewards (motivational tool) and recognitions (badges).
an inherit enthusiasm for peer-to-peer recognitions.

“We were previously looking at another solution and you guys [PlayVox] blew them out of the water! Plus you guys have a lovely and patient support team.”
Rachel Haworth - Quality Assurance Specialist

Benefits come hand-in-hand with results. Results which have proven to have a great impact on ShipStation’s operations. They’ve found unique features and add-ons that provide support for different processes:

Coaching Feature: by using this component ShipStation has solved and improved matters in CX, CSAT, quality, behavior, compliance, soft skills, customer experience, among many others. 150 coaching sessions have been developed, reaching a monthly average of 17 sessions with a coaching effectiveness of 97.6% and 100% satisfaction.

“Since implementing PlayVox our CSAT has improved and the feedback from our teams is very positive. They know where they stand and what the expectations are for all their interactions and suggested improvements.”
Sarah Holdgrafer

Calibrations Feature: ShipStation has been able to identify Quality Analyst outliers and fine-tune the team to use the same scoring standards. With 14 calibrations completed they have ensured fair and equitable evaluations across all QA members.

“There were also a lot of benefits we've seen already that we didn't expect and they're lovely surprises!“
Rachel Haworth

Performance Add-on: ShipStation has been able to track efficiency and measure the impact of their customer service teams on the QA process by connecting data, and measuring and consolidating their agents’ KPIs.

“Honestly, this is the best possible solution we could have imagined for our previous situation.”

Motivation Add-on: ShipStation found a way to engage and drive agent’s interest towards getting better results, increasing collaborative work and providing peer-to-peer recognition. Through PlayVox’s community wall, ShipStation’s service teams have posted 186 work-related questions, shared 2492 miscellaneous posts, contributed over 130 ideas, and delivered over 1870 recognitions delivered 1870.

“It's so easy to use, customize, and gets agents excited to use it and get feedback.”

“It helps keep my sanity from the day in day out of work.”
Matthew Mercedes -  Agent

“PlayVox lets us interact positively with our coworkers and recognize them for their contributions to our day.”
Joseph Newman - Agent

“A getaway from day to work and a way to communicate and build relationships with coworkers, especially when you work from home lol”
Shantice Dickson - Agent  

“It's a nice place to get to know your colleagues on a more personal level!”
Dalyn Beck - Agent

“PlayVox lets me poll my teammates to settle arguments about what toppings are allowed on Pizza.”
Anne O Reilly - Team Leader

“I love how Playvox builds team camaraderie, and my coworker’s humorous posts help me de-stress every day!”
Elizabeth Hammond - Agent

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