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Get notifications about:
evaluations, workloads, calibrations, disputes and quality weekly reports.

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Quality assurance for Zendesk Chat and Support

The Playvox App for Slack allows you to get process notifications and
weekly quality reports in an easy/simple way.

Customer Service KPIs

Playvox App allows you to receive:

- Notifications regarding activity that occur in the Quality Ap, including those regarding evaluations, workloads, calibrations, and disputes.

- Notifications via channels chosen during the app configuration process that the Weekly Quality Reports (which is shipped on Mondays) is ready for viewing, keeping your team aware of the entire Quality Assurance Progress.

Regardless of you being an Admin/Manager, Team Leader, Quality Analyst or Agent, keep track of what is going on in your Quality process in a centralized way.

The Playvox app for Zendesk enables you to centralize and manage your QA operations within Zendesk.

Transform your QA process and centralize all your quality operations.

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Turo customer service quality assurance
Wildworks customer service quality assurance
All Saints customer service quality assurance
AICPA SOC 2 available Playvox
We know security is very important to you, as it is to us.
Which is why Playvox is SOC 2 compliant.

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