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When a QA Program becomes more than just measuring KPIs

Step Up For Students is a nonprofit (state-approved) Scholarship Funding Organization that helps manage the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. For the 2017-18 school year SUFS will be serving about 115,000 scholars in more than 1,800 private schools throughout Florida.


As an organization working with state funds and handling under-age kids’ data, SUFS needed a Quality application that allowed them to manage their agents to the highest standards for interactions with customers. In addition they wanted a solution that allowed them to centralize quality and performance data for agents and customer interactions.

They were running interactions through different channels (email, phone and chat) while having their agents being able to respond to different needs and processes such as student enrollment, scholarship applications, fees, applications‘ processing and reimbursements. Lastly, as the organization was constantly growing, they needed tools to coach and train new and existing agents.

Considering that they more than doubled the number of Gardiner scholars served from 2015-16 to 2017-18 school year, they needed to be able to oversee and instruct their agents appropriately.

Educational Services
Florida, USA
Type of Interactions
Enrollment, payments, and customer management


By using Playvox, SUFS found a Quality Management platform that served all their needs and requirements.

  • They were able to automatically import customer interactions from their CRM (Zendesk) by using Playvox’s integration for conducting quality evaluations
  • By having centralized quality and performance data in our platform they were able to track agents’ KPIs and share agent data in personalized dashboards
  • Measuring and analyzing the impact and efficiency of their customer service team was straightforward by using the “Performance” module of the suite.
  • Working on targeted areas for improvement with our “Coaching” module proved to be both smooth and efficient for individuals and teams.

Coaching has been highly used as they have had 402 coaching sessions with a 98.88% satisfaction (as scored by agents). Playvox’s impact is evidenced by how Admins rate us: 100 NPS.

“Great system and very easy use.”
Ricardo Santiago - Admin
“I love PlayVox because of the ability to track my goals either daily, weekly or monthly. Also [as agents] we are able to select custom dates to track our QA several months at the time and follow the team progress”
Jose Maldonado - Agent

In a team composed of 1 Admin, 13 Team Leaders, 6 QA Analyst and 60 agents, they’ve conducted around 11,000 evaluations in 18 months, on average 12 evaluations per month per agent. With Playvox, they’ve reached 61.4% increase in number of evaluations per month.

More importantly, they’ve achieved an overall QA score of 94.3% in recent months against a goal of 90%. Playvox’s integrated quality, coaching, and training modules have achieved a steady, predictable improvement in these scores. Also supporting consistency in quality has been Playvox’s calibration tool for Quality Analysts.

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