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Gain total control over your quality operations, measure your KPIs and see exactly what’s happening in real-time.
Coach and train your team with Playvox’s LMS and engage your agents with our motivational tools.
Improve customer service with quality assurance - Playvox

One of the major problems we faced before implementing Playvox was the motivation and engagement of our agents. Playvox came with unique features such as: contests, recognitions and their rewards system called Karma Points.

Alexey Krasnichenko
Quality Assurance Manager.

Plesk customer service quality assurance
Customer service agent life-cycle

Quality: Monitor service quality in the easiest way possible.

Performance: Solve issues on the spot with all your KPIs in one place. Playvox gives you all the information you need in real-time.

Coaching: Drive continuous agent improvement. Solve issues in NPS, AHT, CSAT, soft skills, among many others.

Learning: Send targeted trainings with our lightweight LMS.

Motivation: Recognize and reward your team based on their results.

The major usability of PlayVox is that everything is aggregated in one centralized place.

Plesk on their quality assurance process with PlayVox

“This integration with Zendesk is designed to allow for a very rapid and accurate agent case QA workflows which in turn allows us a reduced headcount projection for the case QA team over the next 12-18 months as a result”

Plesk on their quality assurance process with PlayVox

“We are currently saving so much time that we are hoping to improve the QA process and increase the number of evaluations done per agent from 4 to 12 evaluations monthly. This is something exciting for us, as we are seeing instant improvements in time and in agent engagement.”

Webinterpret on their customer service and quality assurance process

Create quality scorecards in minutes

Create unlimited QA forms and personalize them according to your quality criteria.

Filter and evaluate customer interactions

Integrate you CRM or service software with Playvox. Create filters and prioritize the most relevant interactions for your quality process. Or use Playvox as a standalone software!

Speed up your QA process

Randomly and automatically assign workloads for your QA team. Set weekly goals, interaction filters and wight distribution within the team.

Work collaboratively with all team members

Give your team real-time feedback and allow them to discuss evaluation results with our built-in collaboration messaging.

See what’s happening in real time

Generate advanced reports based on agent evaluations. Quickly identify areas of improvement and add personalized agent dashboards to give them visibility of their results.

Calibrate your quality analysts

Conduct quality calibrations, to measure and identify areas for improvement. Help your team deliver consistency in their QA evaluation process.

Watch 3 min Quality Demo
Watch 3 min Quality Demo

All your service metrics in one place

Connect and consolidate all your customer service KPIs. Always have your NPS, CSAT, AHT, and others, at your fingertips

Detect problems when they occur

By having full visibility and control of what’s happening.

Track team progress

Easily measure where your team members stand and identify the KPIs they need to improve on.

Give visibility

Create dashboards for your team to view, customize your objectives and keep track of your teams’ progress.

Personalize all your coaching sessions

Create coaching sessions based on your team’s results. Send targeted coaching sessions to one or multiple
team member

Create coaching templates

Tailor all coaching templates to your needs, recurring customer service problems and team issues.

Track the progress of each session

Create interactive coaching card with goals and dates of achievement to easily organize and keep track
of all your sessions.

Track and compare improvement

View your team’s progress over specific periods of time and identify the effectiveness of each coaching session.

Build your own virtual learning space

Provide your customer service team with all the educational information they need and allow them to take lessons in the learning topics they want to improve on.

Send targeted learning sessions

Identify areas in which your agents need to be trained on, send them targeted Learning sessions and easily track their results.

Track team progress, and content efficiency

Review your team’s progress and evaluate their knowledge by creating courses & quizzes.

Create an online store

Customize your online store with rewards and gift cards for team members to exchange based on their results.

Reward good performers

Reward your team with Karma Points and allow them to redeem their points in your customized online store..

Publicly recognize your peers

Publicly recognize peer with badges, based on their quality results and performance.

Exchange ideas with all your team members

Access our social community wall where your team can exchange ideas, ask questions and share relevant information.

You’re in a good company

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Dorm Room Movers quality assurance forms - Playvox
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Sutherland Global customer service quality and motivation - Playvox
Edreams improving customer service with PlayVox
CentralMinesota credit union quality assurance program - Playvox
Dorm Room Movers quality assurance forms - Playvox
Bitso customer service quality process - Playvox

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