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Upwork uses PlayVox to drive service quality and customer satisfaction

A PlayVox Customer Story

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Previously, our measurements of customer satisfaction weren't streamlined with the QA program. PlayVox has helped us to see a correlation between the two, and easily identify trends and opportunities for improvement that we can act upon to ensure our customers have the best experience possible.

Manager of Executive Escalations
| Upwork
To engage their remote agents, Upwork uses the PlayVox community wall to encourage team comradery and participation. They also focus heavily on agent training and feedback to build their customer service support. The PlayVox report options let them see exactly what goals they’ve met or haven’t met, coaching opportunities as well as team stats and individual agents scores. Amanda says:
“a better prepared and knowledgeable agent translates to better customer experiences in general. PlayVox allows the agent to see the evaluation results, review the interaction, and communicate with the evaluator all in one place.”

One of their main challenges was using the QA data they collected and turning it into measurable results. “Before, we used a combination of spreadsheets, email and screenshots to evaluate and communicate the results to agents and leads,” Amanda explains, “now, our processes have been simplified. Since our program focuses heavily on agent development, with evaluations being the source of identifying each agent’s area of need, PlayVox allows an expedited evaluation process. Our team is efficient, which allows us to also focus on fostering a collaborative relationship through contests, recognitions, and open discussions. Our previous processes didn’t allow for such collaboration and coaching services.”
Upwork customer service team improvement
Upwork on their sucess using Playvox quality assurance software
“ Features such as coaching, internal communication, contests, and reporting functionality ultimately sold us.”
PlayVox’s integration with Zendesk was a deciding factor when deciding which solution to adopt. Amanda explains, “The key factor in our search was integration with our existing tools.”
Third-party integrations not only imports information from other platforms, but also filters and sorts through the information so only the most relevant interactions can be displayed. “Everything we need to evaluate an interaction is within PlayVox. The integration has saved us a great deal of time by not having to toggle between local media players and PlayVox or Zendesk” she says.

Upwork strives to ensure a great customer service experience through the development of their agents. PlayVox plays a key part by providing the foundation upon which the company can monitor, unite and build their team. “Even though the role of the QA department is to critique, it can and should be done in a way that’s productive, and outlines the path to improvement,” Amanda explains. “With positive reinforcement, your teams can learn to express themselves genuinely and improve the experience of your customers organically. When agents are prepared, and knowledgeable about policies and services, being organic comes easily.”
Jacque Hopkins
Sr. CXI Team Lead | Upwork
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