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QA from Scratch: 3 Ingredients You Need to Cook Up the Ultimate QA Program

Live at 11 AM EST on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Building a quality assurance program from the ground up is no easy feat, even for the most well-established of companies. Quality assurance is the foundation of any prosperous customer service operation, which means having a strong base is crucial. 

In a lot of ways, building a QA program is like creating a recipe from scratch. So what are the various ingredients and measurements needed to make it a success? 

Join Maria Mitchell, Sr. Support QA Program Manager from Okta, a leading independent identity provider, for a chat on how they improved the customer experience by empowering agents to effectively prevent and resolve issues through their Love Our Customers Initiative.

Maria Mitchell

Sr. Support QA Program Manage

Ericka Aguilar

Customer Success Manager

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You’ll learn:

  • The Recipe: How Okta trained agents on specific product areas, structured new teams based on product specialties, and utilized Playvox to group agents into teams.
  • The Mix: How to re-train and re-engage management with new team priorities, recreate scorecards that are optimized for team structure, as well as, tips and tricks on building, testing, and training with new scorecard methodologies. 
  • How to Bake: How to Engage agents and consistently coach to their new team configurations and scoring expectations and how to train your management team on the Coaching product within Playvox.

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